Introduction to startup

    Starting business ground up can be very hard especially without a proper introduction to startup. Apart from the risk factors involved, it can be emotionally and mentally challenging. If you are pondering about setting out on a new business venture and are confused about the basics of startups, […]

Will The Consumers Accept Something New In The Market?

    Products are created to be sold. They are introduced to make our life better. But releasing a product into the market will not ensure its selling. The people get intimidated by a product if it is of an entirely new genre. Human beings are usually comfy with their […]

Getting Hold Of Time

  In a world where the complaint of “not having enough time” is so familiar, time management is a problem faced by the majority of people. Work is a big part of most people’s lives and being late for work is a frequent nuisance that all of us face. Altering […]

How To Overcome Failure

  Though the saying “Failures are stepping stones to success” is so familiar to us, we roll our eyes when it is flung at us when we are at the verge of breaking down, we must give some credit to the person who said this first because failures indeed are […]

Are Bugs Very Threatening?

  No Software Is 100% Bug Free A software bug is an error in computer programs that result in the production of incorrect or unexpected result. No software in this world is 100 percentage bug free. It is natural that when reality doesn’t meet one’s expectations, he or she becomes […]

Building An Awesome Team – 101

Are you running your business with stress or bliss? This can be answered by evaluating the manner your team has been built. You could be a jack of all trades still, running a business with an incompetent team can be really painful. Be it for gearing up a new venture […]

How Chatbots Are Going To Replace Apps

Chatbots – A brief introduction We have been interacting with computers and getting information in return for quite some time, that fundamental nature hasn’t changed, what has evolved is the package in which it is delivered. As the traditional app services appear to be on the verge of extinction ,the […]

What Is Process Digitization And How Can It Make My Company More Awesome?

Work Smarter, Not Harder: What Is Process Digitization And How Can It Make My Company More Awesome? Digital transformation is all over the place so is the question What is process digitization? Now that the media shouts loud how important this will be for your business, you probably told yourself […]

Advantages Of A Custom Software For A Small Business ?

What’s the crucial difference between a family business and a multinational company ? Why did some grow when some stayed the same during so many years ? There Has Always Been Leaders And Followers. While the first ones strive to always be the first ones, the others don’t know what […]

4 Reasons Why Custom Software development

If you already own a company, chances are that you use a couple softwares for your day-to-day operations. Chances are, also, that you waste a bit of time juggling between these different softwares. What if you want to grow your business ? Think twice before being sure the way that […]