Get a SWAT Team for your Product!

Dedicated Product Team
Dedicated Product Team

Does this sound familiar?

Why Siam

Get the full stack

Product development is more than just software engineers. Our full stack approach of Product Strategists, Engineers, Product Manager and Quality Analysts allow us to take full ownership of the product and deliver as per your goals.

Dedicated Product Team
Top engineers

Top Engineers

Over the last 10 years, we have built a solid base of Engineers and Architects. They think scale and follow global best practices. We hire from top schools and our extensive training program ensures we index on code quality and performance.

Leverage Experience

We are able to reduce turnaround time by either reusing some modules built in the past or bringing learning and solutions from our collective experience on how we handled a situation in the past. You get to leverage institutional memory of 100s of engineers from the entire Siam team.

Leverage experience

Our Promise

IP always remains yours

While we take complete ownership of scaling your product, the IP and code always remain yours. In addition to our high ethics we sign iron-clad NDAs protecting your IP.

Dedicated Product Team
Your Own Team

We integrate with your existing team and process. The idea is to be able to get off the block quickly and churn out releases.

Dedicated Product Team
Goals & Vision Alignment

Our goals are the same as yours. We want to solve your most pressing business / user needs together. Not just blindly build to ‘requirements’.

How it works


Our prod strat team builds context around your product vision, your business goals, status of the existing product roadmap completion. We start with what the upcoming milestones are and how we can help.  Post which, all important stakeholders are introduced, communication channels setup and cadence for updates agreed on.

Dedicated product team (Kick off)
Dedicated product team

Integrating tools

We integrate into your tools, be it Gitscrum or Jira. Our engineers go through your codebook and adapt to your existing coding standards. Coding environments are setup, devops pipelines are established. Wherever necessary, our team can fill in the gaps with best practices.

Ongoing delivery / Sprint

Once all prep work is done, we start delivering product backlogs in 2 week sprints. The daily scrum calls will cover things like – updates on development, release notes, test cases, deployment plan, resource planning.

Dedicated product team