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Our skin in the game philosophy enables multiple iterations, lower cash burn and a faster road to product-market fitment.
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Your business needs and traction goals are the focus of everything we do. A combination of our product strategy team and development team work closely with you. We take ownership of your product and celebrate together as we meet key milestones.

Why Us.

Skin in the game

We believe that for a product to be developed (vs a project) all stakeholders need to have skin in the game. We do this by tying our incentives to the product wins and being penalised for our failures.

Product Mindset

From the product manager all the way down to the engineer. Everyone is aligned on doing what is right for the user. We invest time and money learning frameworks and ideas that help our startup founders.

Developing for Scale

We understand you are solving problems with a large impact. At every step of the way, our dev team uses world-class practices to ensure whatever is built stands the test of time and scale.

Hear From Our Clients.

We are your product team.

Building a product takes a lot more than a team of software developers. We believe in asking the right questions to frame the problem effectively, thereby uncovering new and better ways to solve your users’ problem. Here are ways in which we can help.

GTM & Product Strategy

It’s early days in your startup and there is a lot to be figured out. It helps to have someone on your team who has done this several times before. Our Sr. Product Strategists work with you to demystify some of the early questions around your idea and chart out a path to building your product.

“Having worked with mostly agencies in the West, I was quite impressed by Siam’s strategy team’s ability to grasp my expectations very quickly and interpret them into a potential model. Their had a unique approach towards creating a schematic structure of the entire product while mapping the user’s expectations – for envisioning a clear product plan and roadmap.”

Aby Yohannan

Founder, Agile Republic & Clean Track

Get to market faster with an MVP

We help you build a minimum lovable product that helps you get initial traction and validate early assumptions. Going from scratch to MVP in 8-10 weeks. As you focus on building initial traction, we got your back on the product.

“Siam’s biggest contribution in our journey, was the fact that they were audacious enough to run with us in this experiment since nobody earlier had tried the subscription model in movie business before, particularly in theatres. They helped us build a product to demonstrate customer value of money, and drive convenience – with the team working relentlessly to help us throughout the journey.”

Ratheesh Krishnan

Head of New Ventures, SPI Edge

Your Dedicated Product Team

As you go from product-market fit to scaling your startup, we build a dedicated product team just for YOU. This team works as an extension of your in-house team, focused on growing and scaling the product.

“Siam’s dedicated product team helped us expedite the delivery of our product roadmap. Their experience and professionalism made integration with our team straightforward and we were able to hit the ground running. They look to take ownership of the product and we have been very pleased with their help.

Gitika Srivastava

Founder, Navya Care

Engagement models!

Growth can be hard. You’ve got too much to do, too little time and a little help would be nice. Good thing we’ve got your back!



Straightforward costing based approach. We figure out the total amount of hours needed for your project and give you a fixed price bid.

Cash + Equity

Cash + Equity

Similar to cash but with a huge difference. We take part of our payment in equity and align our interests in making sure the product is a success.

rev share


Joint partnership where we build a product together. You focus on business, we focus on growing the product, we share the revenue.

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