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How to pick the best company for software development outsourcing


To find the best company for software development outsourcing is not as hard as it seems if you come prepared. Here is what you should keep in mind when looking for one and working with it. It becomes more difficult because these companies come in all sizes — from local, 10-person startups to international, billion dollar behemoths and everything in between. What makes selecting a partner difficult is that most outsourcing companies claim similar capabilities and experience. The selection should always take place on few important criterions.


Problems in software development

First of all, understand the problem to find the right solution. It’s always hard to build a software particularly very hard to work as a team and answer their self-doubts “

Why is it hard to develop software within budget and Time?, Can I compromise the Quality of code, When the team says it’s done, what do they mean?, How good is the code you write and also, Is the code right, When was the last time I had to change the design?What happened after I changed it?”

Before these issues can be tackled, teams need to understand what issues could arise in the course of the development process and try to devise a plan to overcome them for which they should possess some core skills apart from technical strength. So companies with these problems can never be the best choice but how will you find them, Here is the trick!


As a company you should consider these important criterions before outsourcing:

  • Current IT gaps (which helps identify your needs)
  • Long-term need vs short-term, fixed-scope activity
  • Developing internal software vs. software products for the market
  • Size of the outsourced development partner relative to your company and project budget
  • The intricacies of your industry
  • Considerations specific to outsourcing companies, such as:
  • Management and process strengths
  • City location
  • Churn rate and training
  • Learning culture
  • Intellectual property approach and legal protection
  • Intangibles and company culture

But once you have decided, jump to the next phase never over think!.


Traits to look for in the company:

  • Approach to Customized Development
  • Passion for Coding
  • User Experience Development
  • Design is central to their intellectual property
  • Analytics are also part of the intellectual property
  • Should be applying best software development principles like KISS, DRY etc
  • Past Work History
  • Information Security
  • Global operability
  • Pricing Structure
  • Focus on Usable and Maintainable Code
  • A good vision
  • Experienced Development Team
  • Attention to Detail
  • Discipline
  • Patience
  • Domain expertise


On a closing note:

When you select the right people outsourcing is always a boon. Hope this piece of knowledge helps you in taking the right decision to find the Best company for software development outsourcing. Always trust your decisions and never look back after taking one.

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