List of Software Development Tools for a Startup

April 12th, 2018

List of Software Development Tools for a Startup

For an individual who’s starting up a new business, it’s difficult for him/her to breakdown all the things they require in terms of their software development. Through this blog post, we want to be of help to people like you, so that you can directly come to know before starting up as to what all is required and from where you can get all that. So we’ll be discussing over a collection of such helpful tools and resources.

We understand that not everyone is well versed and cognizable about to-do’s. So, we are here to help you with the stages of software development and the right tools to develop the software. Being a startup, you might have so many confusions like where to start and how to start. Don’t worry. You are on the right page where you can get the information how you should start and which platform and tools suits you the best.

We, at Siam Computing, use a set of such tools and here we are with all the recommendations for the same. The tools below are categorised according to the stages involved in the process of software development. Go ahead and explore!

Stages and Tools for Software development

Stage 1: Creating Wireframes

A wireframe is a Skeletal two – dimensional model in which only lines and vertices are pictured. It is an image or a group of images used to display the functional elements of a Webpage and used for planning a site’s structure and functions.

Wireframe is a design and visualization tool used in Web Development. It separated the Graphical elements from functional elements to explain the interaction between the user and the Website. A wireframe consists of the following:

Key page elements and their location – Header, Footer, Navigation, Content objects, Branding elements.
Grouping of elements – SIde bars, Navigation Bars, Content Areas.
Labelling, Page title, Navigation links, headings to content objects.
Place holders, Content text and Images.


List of Right Tools


Balsamiq Software development

We use Balsamiq for wireframes. Balsamiq is a rapid wireframing tool which helps you Work Faster & Smarter.It can reproduce the effect of sketching, but in computer. Wireframes making Can be done quickly. You’ll create more ideas, so you can optimize and discover the best one.



  • Quick Add
  • User Interface Library
  • Iterate sooner and Painlessly
  • Collaborate Smoothly


The basic concept behind this wireframing tool is to keep the mock-ups and encourage the feedbacks.
Sketch or Photoshop

We use Sketch or photoshop for mockups. Photoshop is very easy for designers. It doesn’t include any libraries for interfaces, whereas straightforward and fast wireframing has separate libraries.
Photoshop is similar to that of Adobe products, it’s simple to sketch out quick ideas, wrap various elements and layers, and build a competent wireframe.



Invision Software development

“Invision is a window into everything that’s being designed at Twitter. It gets all of our best work in one place”, said by Mike Davidson.

We use invision to build clickable prototypes of the products that we are building. This gives the client a close experience of how the final product is going to behave.

You can upload your designs and add animations of your choice, Gestures and to transform your static screens into clickable and interactive prototypes, transitions can be used. It creates context around your projects with Boards, Simplify your feedback and to create stylesheets to design the element.


Stage 2: Writing Codes And Testing

If you don’t know coding, you’ve come to the right place. We at Siam Computing, have a team of skilled and well trained developers to help you with coding.
Here, you not only learn coding but also gain a knowledge of how it works, and how the code gets converted into a set of instructions that computer can understand.
Coding and Testing makes the Best pair! Software testing is an investigation to check the quality of the software. Our Testing techniques includes execution of program or an application, finding the software bug and justify the product is fit for use.


List of Right Tools:


Sublime Software development

Sublime is a proprietary cross-platform source code editor with a Python application programming interface.


  • Goto Anything
  • Multiple selections
  • Goto Definition
  • Command palette
  • Powerful API and package Ecosystem
  • Customize Anything
  • Split Editing
  • Instant Project Switch
  • Performance
  • Cross platform



phpstorm Software development

PhpStorm deeply understands your code. All the features of WebStorm are included into PhpStorm. Full-fledged support for PHP and Databases/SQL support are an added advantage..



  • Intelligent coding Assistance
  • Smart code Navigation
  • Fast and safe Refactoring
  • Easy Debugging and Testing


Visual Studio

Visual Studio Software development

Visual Studio IDE can be used to develop apps for iOS, Mac, Windows, Android, Web and Cloud. It starts with your Coding, Debug and Diagnose with Ease, Test your software periodically, release with confidence, Extend and Customize to your taste and Collaborate conveniently.


  • Visual Studio App center : Build, Test, Deploy, Engage and Repeat.
  • Visual Studio Team Services : Plan better, Code together and Ship faster.
  • Visual Studio Code : Code editing and Redefined.
  • Visual Studio Subscription and Dev Essentials : Upskill yourself with new Benefits.


Stage 3: Deploying the Code

Software Deployment makes a Software product available for use. The deployment process consists of several integral activities. These activities can occur at the developers end or at the clients end or sometimes both. Because every software product is unique, the procedures and prototypes can be easily defined in Deployment stage.


List of Right Tools:


GIT Software development

Git is a free and open source distributed platform. It keeps track of changes in the computer files and coordinate with multiple people by its version control system. It is designed in such a way to handle all the projects with speed and efficiency.
We use GIT because it is Simple, easy to learn and has track with lightning performance.


Git tortoise Software development

GIT Tortoise is a free software released under the GNU. TortoiseGit is a Git revision control client, implemented as a Windows shell extension and based on TortoiseSVN.
GIT Tortoise provides icon overlays that indicate the status of Git working trees and files. It also has TortoiseGitMerge utility to compare two files and resolve conflicts visually.



GITlab Software development

GitLab is developed by GitLab Inc. It has an open-source license. It is a web-based Git-repository manager and issue tracker.It is simple as that of GIT. It is Widely used by Many organisations because of its simplicity.
Ruby and GO is used to develop GITLAB.



Jenkins Software development

Jenkins is a leading open source automation server. Jenkins helps to you automate the all part of the software development process, with continuous integration and continuous delivery by Facilitating technical Aspects of your software.
The main reason why we need Jenkins is that we can Build great things at any scale. It provides numerous plugins to support building, deploying and automating any project.



Docker Software development

You can use the container platform provider, Dockers, to address every application across the hybrid cloud.
In this Digital world, it is mandatory to transform your business. An increasingly diverse portfolio of clouds, datacenters and application architectures are to rationalized to transform your business. Docker facilitates independence between applications and infrastructure and developers and IT ops to release their potential and creates a model for better collaboration and innovation.


  • Hybrid Cloud Portability
  • New Levels of App Security
  • IT cost efficiency



Diffmerge software development

You experience the advanced folder comparison and synchronization, file comparison and merging utility for windows using Diffmerge. It helps you to save time and reduce errors by helping you to work quick and accurately.

  • Compare and Synchronize Folders
  • Compare and Merge Files
  • Generate and Print Reports


Stage 4: Testing

The vital part of Software development is Testing. A product cannot be deployed into the market without testing. Information derived from software testing may be used to correct the process by which software is developed.
The software is tested to find the error made by the programmer, or a bug which produce wrong results while executing the software. So we test your software in each and every stage to avoid malfunction of the Application.


List of Right Tools:

JMeter (Load Testing)

Jmeter Software development

Performance Testing is crucial to determine that the web application under test will satisfy high load requirements. It can be used to analyze overall server performance.

JMeter testing tool offers following benefit in Performance Testing

  • JMeter can be used to test performance of static resources
  • JMeter can discover maximum number of concurrent users
  • JMeter provides a variety of graphical analyses of performance reports
  • Jmeter performance testing includes Load Testing and Stress Testing.



Ghostlab Software development

GhostLab is a desktop application that takes the difficulty out of multi-device testing. The Tool is dead-simple to setup and it syncs events across all screens. Ghostlab allows you to inspect markup on any device. We test Mobile devices, Dynamic Projects ( WordPress) and Virtual Machines using Ghostlab.


selenium Software development

Selenium is the most common tool that automates browsers. It is for automating web applications for testing purposes, Boring web-based administration tasks can be automated as well.
Selenium is also the core technology in countless browser automation tools, APIs and frameworks.
If you need to

  • Create quick bug reproduction scripts
  • Create scripts to aid in automation-aided exploratory testing

…then you want to use Selenium IDE by adding a Firefox add-on to your browser.


Stage 5: Project Management

Project management is the Final stage. It is the practice of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria at the specified time. In practice, the management of such distinct production approaches requires the development of distinct technical skills and management strategies.


Trello for Agile Based Scrum Planning

Trello Software development

Agile refers to a set of methods and practices based on the values and principles expressed in the Agile Manifesto, which includes things like collaboration, self – organization, and cross functionality of teams.
Agile Development is implemented by Scrum.


Plus for trello to keep time tracking

Plus for trello Software development

You can create unlimited reports, burndowns & charts of your boards, lists and cards with filters, groups and pivots, even offline. Chrome Plus menu can be used to quickly search and open any card or board. It is used to Plan and track with metrics, Assign estimates, Track and visualize. Plus is trusted by thousands of teams all over the world, has always been super-fast and bug-free with new features. Plug can be used offline by using Bookmarks and download.


Slack for Internal Communication

Slack software development

Slack creates alignment and shared understanding across your team, making you more productive, less stressed, and just a little bit happier.

  • It simplifies Communication
  • It gives everyone a shared workplace
  • It helps to find answers to everyone
  • Slack builds searchable archive
  • It streamlines your workflows


Basecamp for keeping track of client communication

Basecamp Software development

Basecamp is an exclusive Clientside platform that keeps client feedback on the record and completely separate from the rest of your project. We use Basecamp because of its unique features:

  • Clients are one click away
  • A clear separation- nothing to fear
  • It is super easy for your clients, as it should be
  • Share Anything from the other side
  • Forward client emails directly into basecamp
  • Built for client service businesses


Craft for Product Roadmap

Craft Software development

When you fix out to plan a product roadmap, at first product managers come up with more queries and doubts than decisions. It might be on the Flexibility, way of presenting, projection of realistic process. To get a clear picture for all these queries, we need to set up a foundation to create a Roadmap.


Google Drive for File Management

Google drive Software development

If you are using Google Drive for a while, you might find yourself having a hard time to keep track of all of your files. Fortunately, Drive offers several features to help you manage and organize your files.

You can search for specific files using words contained within the file or file name. To do this, locate the search bar, then enter the word or file name you’re searching for. A list of suggested searches and files will appear as you type. Simply click a file to open it directly from the search results.



I hope you have gone through all the stages of Software development. Get your hands dirty and build something unique. We are at your back and Software development Agency which will help you to Design and develop your software based on your requirements, if you want to explore us.

If you think this is the important step you should take for your business growth right now, wait no more, and quickly contact us.

If you’re ready to explore how we’d accomplish your project, give us a call at 044 4300 9964 or hit the Contact Us button below. Let’s talk.

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