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What are the strengths of a good android app development company in Chennai?


We are living in the digital world more than in the real world. With an app popping up for almost anything and everything these days, it is essential to be aware of how things work. Especially if you are an Entrepreneur or a Businessperson or an Industrialist, or an Academician, or anyone trying to get their venture up and running or expand their business, it is essential to have a fair knowledge of the how-about of android app development. In this article, let’s walk you through an experience of one of our clients who shed light on the forte of the best android app development company in Chennai

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Case Study – Client Summary

Mr. Selvam is an entrepreneur who is into the healthcare industry. The impact of the pandemic pushed him to develop an app to bridge the gap between the public and doctors. He was based out of Chennai and he googled up the best android development company in Chennai. Once he zeroed in on Siam Computing, he came in and fixed meetings, had discussions, and started off with the work. 

He was very much comfortable with Siam Computing’s mobile app development process. With the periodic progress meetings and updates, he was able to track the process of the project. As a rough estimate of the time to build his mobile app was given from Siam Computing’s end, it was, even more, easier for him to work out the marketing strategies of his app. Let’s check out his testimonial interview now.

Picture Credits: Unsplash

Testimonial Interview

Interviewer: Hello Mr. Selvam, thank you for taking your time to give your testimonial interview. 

Mr. Selvam: The pleasure is mine. I am more than happy with the app and thereby I’m happy to share my experience. 

Interviewer: That’s good to hear Mr. Selvam. So, how did you find out about Siam Computing?

Mr. Selvam: Well, I happened to google ‘best android app development company in Chennai’. And among the various companies that were listed on the search results page, I checked out the reviews and testimonials. That’s how I came across Siam Computing. 

Interview: That’s nice. But, how did you choose to work with Siam Computing?

Mr. Selvam: Well, apart from the reviews and ratings, I happened to check their social media handles and Quora. The answers, specifically the A2A answers shared by the Founder come CEO was detailed. From the technicalities, the process to the solutions, the answers were specific and I happened to see them being reshared on various communities among Quora itself. This gave me a clear understanding of the technical efficiency of the Founder cum CEO who is not only a businessman but a tech person as well. 

Interviewer: Wow! Seems like you’ve got an eye for details, Mr. Selvam.

Mr. Selvam: Guilty as charged! (Laughs)

Interviewer: So, once you finalized working with Siam Computing, what happened?

Mr. Selvam: Well, I reached out to them. The first meeting is always the crucial one. And it was that day! I was well received in their office. And I took my Business Analyst with me. I happened to sit with the Founder himself and along with him, the CTO, their Business Analyst, and Project Manager were there. With the round of intros, we jumped into the technical details then and there. 

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Interviewer: Sounds like you were heading straight for the roots of it. 

Mr. Selvam: Yes we were. And I was impressed with their portfolio they handed over at the beginning of the meeting. The CTO prepared a presentation for us. His presentation showed that he was well versed with the technologies from the traditionally used to the recent ones in the market. He listed out the best fit technologies for my requirement and pointed out the pros and cons of using each technology. 

Interview: That should have given you a fair idea of the technical aspects of developing your application right, Mr. Selvam?

Mr. Selvam: Yes absolutely. And not just that their Project Manager walked us through the process of the android app development process. The Founder gave an amazing insight into entrepreneurial operations.  As we are a startup, the Founder’s words were very helpful. In fact, he guided us through the whole process and is still tagging along with us helping us out with the current operational strategies and the business expansion strategies for the future. 

Interviewer: Seems like you got yourself a mentor in the process. 

Mr. Selvam: Actually, yes. A mentor and a great friend as a matter of fact. 

Interviewer: That’s wonderful. 

Mr. Selvam: Yes it is. I happened to like the whole approach and process. It was a good learning point for me. 

Interviewer: That’s amazing. You seem to be happy with the experience. Could you highlight 5 qualities that make Siam Computing an outstanding android app development company in Chennai?

Mr. Selvam: Sure thing. The following top 5 qualities impressed me.

5 Qualities of an outstanding Android App Development Company

  1. Good knowledge of Native App & Cross-Platform App DevelopmentIt is a known fact that Android users outnumber iOS users. But still, the audience using the iOS platform is also equally important from the business point of view. The technical awareness of the team was noteworthy. They told us about the pros and cons of going ahead with the Native App & Cross-Platform App Development Process. And that clarity helped me to choose Cross-Platform App Development without any second thoughts. The important thing is that the tech team had developers who had good hands-on Cross-Platform App Development. 
  2. Good UX/UI DesignersThe UI/UX of an app is critical as it determines how well the app will perform in the market. Be it the number of downloads or the retention of usage, UI/UX plays a very important role and the UI/UX designers were wonderful. The wireframes that they came up with were visually engaging and clear. The navigation was not sophisticated. The CTA was bold and clear. I loved the fact that special care and attention were given to the minute details. 

Picture Credits: Unsplash

  1. Diverse ProgrammersTheir tech team has programmers who know different coding languages. From JavaScript, Kotlin, Python, to Scala the developers were well-versed in different coding languages. This made me understand their capability of developing various web applications, web portals, desktop software, mobile apps, and other IT solutions. 
  2. Engaging App Development – The app that was delivered to me is pretty engaging and it met my expectations. I’m satisfied with how the app has come out. The features are exploratory and the CTA is pretty much highlighted just as I asked. The visuals are soothing to the eyes. The navigation is easy inside the app. The right mix of information and CTA is a very big plus from my perspective. Overall, the engaging app development is commendable.
  3. Post-App-Deployment AttitudeThe after-delivery attitude is very much important from the customer service perspective. And the post-app-deployment attitude that I experienced was fabulous. Android App Development is not a one-time work. It requires troubleshooting and maintenance. To date, the maintenance is spot-on and I’m being advised of the recent updates and upgrades that my application requires to stay on par with the market trends. 

Interviewer: Wow! You’ve literally walked us through the important aspects of your android app development experience in a very engaging way Mr. Selvam. This clearly shows how much you clearly are satisfied with the work. 

Mr. Selvam: Yes, absolutely. The whole process has been a learning point for me but at the same time, as a client, I am satisfied. 

Interviewer: That’s incredible Mr. Selvam. Would you recommend your friends and your network to work with Siam Computing?

Mr. Selvam: Oh yes! Definitely. I am pretty sure that the Siam Computing team is a solid team with skilled developers and the project management process is smooth as well. So, yes, I will refer my clients and network to work with Siam Computing for sure. 

Interviewer: Thank you for your time, Mr. Selvam. And special thanks for the detailed testimonial interview. 

Mr. Selvam: Well, in today’s scenario, the reviews, ratings, and testimonials are the core deciding factors to label a good company. So, I am just doing my part so that the others out there will be able to tie up with the right company to get their work done. 

Interviewer: I agree and that’s true. Thank you once again, Mr. Selvam. 

Winding Up…

The testimonial interview depicts the forte of the best android app development company. The client is clearly satisfied with the application and that talks a lot about the service offered by the company. From the knowledge of native & cross-platform app development, excellent UI/UX skills, extensive programming skills, creativity & teamwork, maintenance, engaging app development, to meeting the demands of the customer, an outstanding android app development company pays attention to all the details. 

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