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Chapter 1

Roadmap to define your mobile app goals and objectives

In this article, you will learn the different steps involved in creating a stunning mobile app for your business and how to create a roadmap for your mobile app success.

Chapter 2

In-house vs outsourcing: a SWOT analysis to figure whom you should let develop your app

This article has a detailed analysis in store for you that aids you to take a call between in-house and outsourced development by estimating the pros and cons of both approaches.

Chapter 3

Changing trends in mobile app development: here’s how to catch up

This article walks you through a list of most recent and top nine trends in mobile apps that you need to know. This chapter helps you leverage technology, beat the competition, and reach your customers better.

Chapter 4

Here's what to know beforehand while partnering with freelance app developers

This article gets you prepared with a handy list of prerequisites that you need to know beforehand while choosing to work with a freelancer. Here’s what to know beforehand:

Chapter 5

9 things to know before you hire an Android app development company

This chapter is a checklist of 9 points that will help you outsource android application development to a firm that provides the most appropriate Android app development services.

Chapter 6

A thinking man’s guide to uncovering the right user experience for your audience

In this article, we uncover the core elements of an effective user experience design and how to use basic UX principles and guidelines to your advantage.

Chapter 7

7 key elements to master mobile app UX design

In this article, let’s get into the details of how to understand user experience from a business perspective as well as a customer’s viewpoint. Learn how to provide excellent user experiences to your customers.

Chapter 8

How to leverage prototyping tools and give your customer a charming app-experience

Let’s discuss in this article on how to leverage open-source prototyping tools and resources and build amazing user experiences. Get a 9-step guide to unleash the fullest potential of prototyping

Chapter 9

Creating real-time user personas: heads up an intuitive mobile app UI

In this article, we get into the finest details of different types of user personas, the importance of creating user personas, and how user personas help deliver a high-quality user experience.

Chapter 10

The art of technology-thinking 101 — Choosing the right platform for your mobile app

This article is all about choosing the right technology for your mobile app development. The app platforms are largely chosen based on the two broad classifications: Native app platforms and cross-platform solutions.

Chapter 11

The ins and outs of choosing your app type: web vs native vs hybrid

This article is all about app types [web vs native vs hybrid] the merits and demerits of each type, and how to choose the app type that works for you.

Chapter 12

The never-ending iOS vs Android debate: here’s a list of insights you never heard before

This article will strike a straight out comparison between Android and iOS operating systems from a business viewpoint as well as app developers’ perspective.

Chapter 13

Decoding coding for mobile apps: coding standards, programming languages and much more

This article is a list of top programming languages that are widely used by developers across the globe. Let’s get into the finest details of each of them, their pros and cons, highlights and limitations, etc.

Chapter 14

Flutter vs React native vs Native app development: a straight-out comparison

In this chapter, we get into the graphic details of the different parameters, the factors, and the comparison among the most sought after frameworks: Flutter, React Native, and Native.

Chapter 15

Mobile app testing: an integrated approach to manual and automated testing

In this article, you’ll learn what makes mobile app testing the most essential phase in the app development process and the two types of mobile app testing [Manual vs Automated]

Chapter 16

The future of app development: here’s how to make your apps future-ready

This article envisions the future of app development and guides you on how to make your apps future-ready as well as future-proof. along with some key insights you need to be aware of.

Chapter 17

Do not launch your app if these things are not ready — a ready-to-launch checklist for your app

This article has a list of app deployment phases and phase-wise prerequisites for each stage that everyone needs to be check. Every point in the checklist adds value to the success of your app.

Chapter 18

Publishing your mobile app made easy: deployment and maintenance

In this article, we will discuss the importance of app maintenance, different types of app maintenance, the costs involved in maintaining the apps, etc.

Chapter 19

A closed-loop mechanism to hear from customers and fix bugs in your apps

This article is all about responding to customer reviews and learning from customer feedback. In this chapter, we will discuss the different ways to increase mobile app reviews
and address negative reviews.

Chapter 20

A creative guide to making your mobile apps stand out in the market

In this article, we will discuss the importance of mobile app marketing, creative ways to market your app, and benefits of marketing your app.

Chapter 21

Key differences b/w optimizing your apps for App store and Play store

In this chapter, we will discuss the best ways to optimize your app for both these stores [Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store] and the key differences between optimizing your apps for play stores and app stores.

Chapter 22

Ultimate Guide To App Growth: how to increase your app downloads

In this article, we will discuss about the importance of app marketing, the different factors that influence app downloads, and the different ways to increase app downloads.

Chapter 23

Top 7 app-store optimization strategies to hack your app growth

This article is all about understanding App Store Optimization (ASO), the key differences between SEO and ASO, and why app store optimization (ASO) is important for your mobile app business.

Chapter 24

Best practices to release app updates in the app-stores

In this article, we will uncover the different effective ways to use app updates to drive your business goals and also some of the proven practices to update apps on the app stores.

Chapter 25

A hush-hush hack to reducing app-uninstall rates

This article walks you through the different steps involved in enhancing your app retention rate. Learn how to derive your own app uninstall reduction strategy with the help of insights from proven practices.


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