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We work with growth stage startups using our proprietary product development process, to build global products that help disrupt their industry.

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Outsource Product Development

We partner closely with our clients across the complete lifecycle of product development. Our engagement begins right from conceptualization of the solution all the way to product development and product support. At Siam, we take pride in becoming a core or extended member of the product team for many of our customers. We have achieved this thanks to our deep domain knowledge and diverse experience. Our team members work on UX design, architecture design, product engineering, product quality assurance, and assist clients on on-going upgrades and enhancements to their products.
Effective software product development involves leveraging the expert knowledge and capabilities of the partner organization to reduce go-to-market time and associated costs. This helps the client company to focus on product innovation, product management, customer engagement and customer relationship management, marketing and sales growth.

Project vs Product mindset

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It all begins with falling in love with the right problem
At Siam Computing we focus on our deep expertise and active interest in the field of Design Thinking to deliver solutions that are based on a deep understanding of the problem itself. We believe in asking the right questions to frame the problem effectively, thereby uncovering new and better ways to solve our clients’ problems. We build solutions that help our client for the long term solutions and not short term ‘band aid’ fixes.

Project Mindset


Product Mindset

How Product Mindset Impacts Actual Development

A ‘Product Mindset’ is a way of thinking that impacts every thought, action and process that is brought to bear to solve the clients’ problems. Thinking long term transforms the DNA of the software product management program. What this means for the client : Long term thinking that provides long term, sustainable value for all stakeholders. Here’s how:


Creating a top product requires to have the inner power to take the idea and bring it to real life. Ability to think across disciplines from marketing to engineering.

Strong analytical skills

Constantly capturing, verifying and executing course corrections on all aspects of the Product Development process, Take decisionson facts and data and not on mere ‘hunches’ and ‘gut feel’.

Relentless pursuit of quality

While Analytics provides the bricks, the relentless pursuit of quality serves as the mortar that bonds the company and its processes together.

Growth mindset

Working with this mindset boosts collaboration, provides a sense of meritocracy and a belief that ‘together, we can do this’. It also massively improves the quality of output.

Technical skills

Technical skills coupled with a growth mindset act as a force multiplier to ensure better software product development outcomes.

Planning & Communication skills

Thinking long term, using data and facts to guide conversations and decisions and always thinking about the big picture results in better value for the client.


Product Development Consulting Services

We work with clients to understand their needs and goals. Together, we build a shared vision of what a successful outcome would look like. We act as consultants to properly understand the business problem and not merely as ‘service providers’. Our Design Thinking services help us co-create solutions alongside our clients.

Product Strategy & Design

We have been fortunate to have been able to help our clients envision their product strategy and design and then work with them to design and deliver the end product. Co-creation for us is not a buzzword. It is our credo.

Product Development Service

We provide our clients with product development services that are not only on par with the best industry practices but also customised to their own unique needs. 

Rapid Prototyping Development

We work closely with the client to rapidly develop simple, usable and yet comprehensively designed wireframes and prototypes to minimise the time taken to ‘go to market’


Creating a usable Minimum Value Proposition enables better understanding of how users will engage with a software product in real life. This fact based, analytical approach enables our clients to test their hypothesis continuously before going for scale.

Proof of Concept Development

A little more technical in nature. Is there an API integration you want to test or an emerging technology for your industry? Or A/B test a new feature in your existing product? We build out quick POC’s to help with next steps,

Product Re-Engineering Development

We help companies update and upgrade their existing products as well. Our team studies the existing product, works with our client to understand the desired end-state’ and deploys appropriate technologies and thinking to improve the product .

Tech Stack Recommendations

A tech stack serves as the foundation and metal framework around which the technology product is built. It’s strength and robustness is what will define whether a product is able to scale. We work with some of the most talented minds in the business to design, create and deliver cutting edge tech stacks that stand the test of time.

Why should you partner with SIAM Computing?

SIAM Computing believes that creating value is a long term goal. We believe in acting not only as solution providers, but also as Design Thinkers, Consultants and Technology Evangelists so that our clients can build scalable, robust and sustainable businesses.


Singular focus on design-led product development services

We believe that using Design Thinking to frame problems and their solutions result in better products and more value for our clients. We always look at framing the business problem through the lens of the end customer and then co-creating solutions that keep all stakeholders in the loop – from start to finish. Solutions that solve the problem, are usable and look stunning!


Full lifecycle services from product ideation to realization

We work with our clients on both greenfield and well as upgradation projects. We ideate, conceptualise and design new and better software products. We also ensure that our visions come alive in the real world through robust, well written and high quality code that stands the test of time. What clients get is a solution that sustains their business and supports their growth ambitions.


Deep exposure of building products using agile methodologies

Having built over 20 products, Agile, for us at SIAM is not just a fancy term. When you are building a product, you have to evolve nimbly with goals of the user. We believe deeply in Agile and the value it brings to our own processes as well as to the business of our clients. We take the precepts of Agile, meld it with the unique demands of the client and deliver work products through processes that comply with the agile methodology


Proven track record of architecting for scale

We begin our assignments for the ‘long game’. Scaling is a critical aspect of any long term gameplan of a software product. Our approach, design methodology and adherence to coding precepts are all tied into the quest for scalability. Be it the retail solution that processes 100k transactions an hour or a b2c app that has a million users, we know how to build and deliver for scale.


Work with clients as technology partners rather than service vendors

We have been recognised by Clutch as a preferred partner for some of the best brands. We believe in working hard and letting our happy clients spread the word about our capabilities and the value we have added to their business. On an average businesses that hire us, work with us for atleast a year and half.

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