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We love building things. The idea of waking up every morning to be able to engineer possibilities, to find solutions, to transform the ordinary, excites us immensely. We would love to hear your ideas and see how we can make them happen.

product development

We work with startups and entrepreneurs alike to help build their technology product. The challenge of transforming a raw idea to an actual product excites us immensely. We work closely with our clients, helping them shape their idea and create a product that everyone loves.

web presence

A strong digital presence determines the brand value of an organization. We create bespoke web & mobile experiences for our clients to help showcase their USP and establish themselves online.


We bring the advances of information and technology, specifically of cloud computing, to established businesses and help them become more efficient / profitable. Our domain experts understand the nature of business first and then recommend how we can build the right tools to make the processes flow smoother.

Attention to detail

Its the last 20% that truly define the finesse of a product and we believe that the extra effort spent on making it perfect makes all the difference.

Built for tomorrow

We work with technologies & standards of tomorrow to give you optimum performance today. We build using REST API for scalable mobile first architecture.

Tested & Approved

Our in-house quality team ensures that everything we ship out gets their seal of approval and we try to eliminate any hidden surprises at a later date.

On time, everytime

With over 15 years of combined management experience, we understand how critical it is to communicate well and set expectations right.

We started in 2012, with set ideals and lofty ambitions to try and make a ‘dent in the universe’. We have worked with some amazing clients; Some who have challenged us to dig deep, some who have trusted us to help them transform their ideas and some who have been just pure fun. We look forward to keep tinkering and building awesome products.In numbers –


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