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How Your Business Future Depends On The Way We See The Design?


“The business of the future is not so different, It all depends on how we see the design.”

Design is an extension of business.

In general, organizational problems are design problems. From framing problems to planning approaches and articulating solutions, designers have a direct influence on business. We believe designers need a seat at the table when founders and leaders talk business.

By employing design principles and problem solving frameworks in business discussions, they begin and end with people – a critical and much-needed shift. We bring value to the organization by consciously viewing problems from the lens of those who need them solved the most.

The User Interface (UI) is a very basic term that refers to everything that you can see. Whereas, the User Experience (UX) is how you feel when you use it. For Instance, Imagine when you back home and your mom prepares a Chilli Paneer and serves you, the food looks colorful with some garnished onions and capsicum on it. On seeing, you will feel like eating, but what if your mom forgets to add salt in it? would you like to eat further? This is what UI and UX are all about. The UI is how you interact with a product (e.g., clicks, looks, and interactions) and the UX is the resulting opinion/emotion felt by the user (e.g., it’s fast/slow, intuitive/confusing, and/or makes the user feel happy/frustrated).

Sharing my experience of attending a conference on “The Strategic Element: Paneer and Design for Entrepreneurs” by chargebee.

I’m impressed with, “Design is more than UI and UX”. The key take away is “Focus on the business needs through the lens of the user experience”.

Understanding the difference between UX and UI can be a bit confusing as the roles work closely together, and sometimes the terms are used too ambiguously to firmly understand either one.

Design is more than UI and UX:

To understand about UI and UX, Ms. Sudharsana started with an example: of companies like Apple, Whirlpool, Coca-Cola, etc.  Enhancing the user experience initially from product purchase to product delivery to value all the user needs. Then comparing Swiggy and Zomato where UI looks and feel is moreover similar whereas the UX plays a major role. Based on the research, Swiggy is used widely when compared to Zomato because of the user experience which Swiggy gives for the end-user.

“Sometimes something that looks great is difficult to use, great UI, and poor UX. While Something very usable that looks terrible, great UX, and poor UI.”

The above understanding isn’t entirely true from a user’s point of view. If either UI or UX is poor, the user senses an inferior product which means, both UI and UX need to more than just great individually. It’s only when they blend together seamlessly does either of the two and by extension the product, become great.

Create a connection between design and business:

Good design is really about problem-solving. So, bring a designer to the business table to understand the problems and to find the solution. A designer should be involved in the initial stage to derive a solution to the context of the problem and also the right designer should have the following qualities.

  • Ask right Questions or Why questions on designs
  • Peer to the product
  • Follow Squad methodology, an internal discussion with the team to bring ideas
  • Be Continuous reader

Anyone can think or work as a designer but, working as a problem solver is more important to reach the business needs. Know your audience, and make the user interface relatively. In Siam, we take responsibility for the UI/UX designs, focus more on solving the problem for the users with effective user experience, satisfy their business needs and make the designs that stand high in their priorities for the product.

If you are looking for IT Consulting Services company get in touch with us. to get a free consultation. This insightful blog post from Siam Computing walks you through the best product development practices. Subscribe to our newsletters and stay updated.

This insightful blog post from Siam Computing walks you through the best product development practices. Subscribe to our newsletters and stay updated.

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