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WordPress plugins your must have before your website launch


In this digital world, a website is now a necessity for a business, big or small. If you have a business and don’t have a website, you are probably losing a number of great opportunities for your business. A website itself can be used to accomplish many different marketing strategies to help your business grow. The web has a far wider reach than any other form of advertising. Your website will be the center of your company`s online presence; There are essentials every WordPress site should have, without which the website can never solve the purpose


Performance :

Website performance is the measuring telling how fast your website loads. It is one of the most important indicators of online success. Even if you have great content and perfect Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a slow website will drive away visitors and make Google think twice about including your site in its results. Your website needs to be fast and meet consumer expectations. Research shows that under-performing websites disappoint customers and drive away business. this is an important factor because it can make all other efforts go waste.

Plugin suggestion : W3 Total Cache Link :


Security :

Security is another major issue in WordPress as it is now the platform most commonly targeted by Hackers and spammers.Due to its popularity; WordPress is the most targeted CMS for Hackers worldwide!.There are essentially two types of people who are out to do harm to your site. The most common and most threatening is the identity thief. This is the person who looks for an opportunity to gather information for personal gain. This sort of criminal is often an operating in a stealth capacity. They try to continue unnoticed for a long duration to maximize the number of victims they can access.

The next is the one who is out to harm your site is trying to steal from you. There is a significant group of hackers who are simply looking to cause disruption. When you are the victim of one of these hackers it can cripple your site causing prolonged down time and a loss of revenues. This tops the list of essentials every wordpress site should have

Plugin suggestion : Wordfence Security

Link : https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordfence/


Backup :

Backing up your website is essential as a number of things could happen. Going without a backup would be like not having an insurance policy on your home and there is an earthquake. You know how important it is to back up files on your computer, server, and network as a whole, but you may not realize just how much irreplaceable data is stored on your website.i will say it is way more important because it is a part of your identity

Why Backup:

  • You want a take general safety measure apart from your hosting service.
  • You don’t have to panic if you’re hacked.
  • It’s a painkiller for an upgrade headache.
  • It’s not always your host’s responsibility to backup your website.
  • You may face Server Failures
  • Your original development files can become outdated.
  • Most importantly you need Peace of mind

Plugin suggestion : BackWPup

Link : https://wordpress.org/plugins/backwpup/



The goal of a search engine is to provide unbiased results that deliver information you are looking for as quickly and as accurately as possible. In order to do this, search engines are capable of identifying all relevant information online and ranking them in order of quality and relevance. There are hundreds of factors that are involved when search engines rank websites in an organic search. The actions you take to optimize your site will have a direct effect on your SEO ranking. When you design a website, the user should always be a priority because this helps to determine SEO rankings. This is based on various technicalities and makes it necessary to always prioritize the end user during the design process.

SEO is the tool that can be used to insure that your site is listed as close as possible to the top of the relevant search results. SEO might be a little tricky but it is the most effective among the essentials every wordpress site should have

Without SEO it will be as if those customers drive by your shop without even knowing that you are there. Should SEO be important to you? You can decide it.

Plugin suggestion : Yoast SEO Link :


Spam block :

Spam can have a indirect and serious effect on websites and their users.

First of all, there are two types of form spammers and you should know that these spammers get paid very well for what they do or they wouldn’t be doing it, so the best you can do is prevent them from abusing your forms in any way possible.

“spambots” — programs that find any and all web forms to abuse indiscriminately but their main targets appears to be pages that allow them to post comments touting products and spreading links. Contact forms are caught in the cross fire.manual spammers — people hired by companies to manually find web forms to abuse, sometimes more targeted to specific websites, but these are difficult to prevent because they typically can make it through all honeypots and captchas mentioned below. Its high time we protect our data and make wise choices

Plugin suggestion : Akismet Anti-Spam

Link : https://akismet.com/

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