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What does it take to be the best Android App Development Company in Chennai?


The mobile app development industry is booming and it is estimated that there are over 2 million mobile apps that are available in the Play Store. However, the success of an app depends on how well it meets users’ needs. Also, according to a study by Gartner, the number of mobile app downloads is increasing three times as fast as the number of new PC or Mac installs. These are due to the fact that companies now recognize that mobile devices (smartphones) are the most important and convenient way to access information. Owing to this reason there has been an explosion in the demand for a good android app development company in Chennai, India. Let’s walk through this blog to figure out what it takes to be the best Android App development company in Chennai.

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Quality check of a good android app development company

It is important to know the quality of any mobile app development company before making a decision as it is not easy to measure the quality of a mobile application development company. There are many aspects of quality that should be considered while evaluating the mobile app development company. The below-mentioned points are some of the components of quality that should be considered while evaluating a mobile app development company in Chennai.

  • A good portfolio
  • The number of successfully completed projects and happy clients (testimonials)
  • Expertise in specific areas like App Design, UI, and UX
  • Quality of deliverables
  • Innovative efficiency (ability to incorporate latest technologies into android app development)

The above-mentioned points are a few of the important ones based on which an android app development company’s strength is analyzed. 

Top 5 traits to stand out as a unique android app development company

Though there are many qualities and characteristics that play a part in becoming one of a kind android app development company, the following 5 traits possessed by the developers of the company make it stand out.

  • Ability to design mobile applications for multiple platforms
  • Experience in both mobile application development and web development
  • Proficiency in programming languages like Objective C, Java, or Swift
  • Familiarity with mobile device APIs
  • Passion for designing simple and intuitive interfaces that are easy to use

The above-mentioned technical skills/traits of the developers of the company signify that they are up-to-date with the mobile app development trends and that they are in a position to deliver state-of-the-art android apps to the customers/clients. This ultimately means that these traits are among the factors that contribute to becoming the best Android App development company in Chennai. 

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Top 7 qualities that it takes to be the best Android App development company in Chennai

The boom in digital technologies has opened a hugely competitive arena in the mobile app development industry. Heavy competition means that each company has to have its own signature touch in developing android apps. The following qualities highlight what it takes to be the best android app development company. 

1. Website up-to-date with the recent trends – In today’s world, anything and everything has gone digital. Therefore it is not only essential to be available on the digital platform but to be up-to-date with the recent trends of websites and mobile apps. New updates with respect to digital technologies go live on a day-to-day basis now. So, it is essential to be aware of the updates and apply them to websites and mobile apps. Just as a book is judged by its cover most of the time, a good android app development company is judged by its website and mobile app. Thereby it is crucial to have the latest UI/UX incorporated and have quality content and make sure it’s SEO optimized. 

2. A clean portfolio – Just as a picture speaks a thousand words, a clean portfolio enhances the credibility of an android app development company ten folds. A portfolio depicts the strengths, knowledge on the recent trends, ability to implement the latest technology to the projects, and more technical information of the company members. A portfolio serves as an important element for the clients and customers to fathom the potential of an android app development company before zeroing in on them. Especially adding the previous client’s testimonial makes the portfolio priceless. Therefore it is essential to have a detailed and clean portfolio. 

3. Diverse expertise talent onboard – True to the saying that goes like this – the more the merrier, the more diverse talent on board, the more colorful the outcome (android app) will turn out (both in terms of technical and creative) Having developers who have a good grip over native and cross-platform coding is a very big plus as it is essential to release an application on both the android and iOS platforms effectively. Also, having team members with various coding language knowledge like Java, Objective C, Swift, PHP, Python, etc is yet another added benefit. The quality of technical brains onboard definitely fuels an android app development company to be the best.

4. Intense UI/UX skills to build a state-of-the-art app – User Interface and User Experience are vital parameters that are used to evaluate the performance of the android app. Having eminent UI/UX designers on the team who know to weave the magic of building a responsive and engaging android app will add value to the company. A good UI/UX designer will ensure that the android app is easy to navigate and use. They also make sure that the CTA options, aesthetics of the app, the color theme, and much more parameters are in accordance with the human brain psychology because, at the end of the day, it is all about the human brain perception of the app that makes it a success. 

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5. Clear documentation & Agile nature of mobile app development process – It is a mandate to have clear documentation of all the communications right from the start of the brainstorming session. Having a business analyst onboard comes in handy. Also during the whole mobile app development process, a lot of additions and deletions of features & functionalities tend to happen. Having an agile mindset will ensure that all the inputs and suggestions of the client/customer are met. At one point, a freezing point, no more edits can be done. So, until that almost final version of the mobile app development, all the edits and improvisations need to be documented. This is an effective way to keep track of the building of the android app in accordance with the requirement of the client/customer.

6. Testing and bug fixing – An intact QA team will enhance the quality of the company for sure because they dedicate their expertise to perfecting the android app before it reaches the market. Alpha testing, Beta testing, and furthermore testings are done in order to make sure that the app is ready to run on any environment error-free! If there are bugs to be fixed, the QA team along with the developer need to ensure that it is fixed at the earliest possible. 

7. Post-deployment service – Anyone can maintain a good attitude until the job is done and the deal is closed, but it takes a commendable post-deployment service to make the android app development company stand out. As the technologies change, there might be issues arising that might need a retouch in order to gear the app up to the recent market trend. This is the time where explicit customer service pays off. When the client sees that the glitch is resolved and the app is up and running again on par with the latest technologies, that’s when more positive testimonials and reviews start coming in. Positive reviews and testimonials means happy customers and happy customers ultimately make a company stand out automatically through their references and word of mouth marketing. 

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Winding Up…

Mobile apps (android apps) are the new trend in the app development industry. More and more companies are adopting mobile app development to provide their customers with a better experience of their services. Mobile apps are very different from desktop apps or web pages. It’s not enough to just click on an icon and expect it to work. Mobile apps have many different features that need to be taken into consideration before you develop one, let alone a high-quality app. This is not the only challenge though! There is heavy competition among android app development companies to deliver the best app and hence it takes commendable dedication and quality to stand out in the mobile app development industry. The quality check parameters, best traits of excellent android app developers, and the qualities that make a good android app development company stand out discussed in this blog gives an overall idea of what it takes to be the best Android App development company in Chennai

Is developing an android app on your mind? C’mon, let’s brainstorm together. Reach out to us to get a free consultation.

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