10 Important Mobile App UX Design Trends to keep a tab on!

Mobile app development is one of the most upfront IT business solutions. The digital revolution brought about many changes in the digital business arena and notched up the mobile app development services in the past couple of years. Now that mobile apps are an essential element of business development and monetization, it is essential to dig into the technical nuances to stay ahead in the competitive market. User experience design (UXD or UED) plays a vital role in the success of a mobile app. Let’s explore the significance and importance of keeping an eye on the recent UX trends and then dive into the 10 Important Mobile App UX Design Trends to keep a tab on in order to give the best user experience to the users.

Significance of UX  Design in Mobile Apps

User Interface (UI) and UX design are primary elements that decide the success rate of any mobile app as it directly influences the user engagement. To build brand name, boost brand reputation, and spawn more traffic, UX plays a crucial role and that directly contributes to revenue generation. 

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Why is it important to keep a tab on Mobile App UX Design Trends?

Each day one update or the other comes up in the IT industry. With each update, an upgrade is required and this becomes a new trend. And these new trends need to be reflected in the mobile app development arena due to the following reasons:

  • Enhanced User Engagement – Users are always on the outlook for the simple yet the best UI/UX experience. Also, they need to get the best of the new technologies that pop up in the industry. Thereby it is essential to incorporate the latest technologies to enhance user engagement which ultimately attracts more new users.
  • Getting highlighted in the App Stores – App stores – be it google or apple play store, getting special attention is one of the best ways to stay ahead of the curve. Having a brilliant UI/UX design that is on par with the recent updates helps to stay highlighted in the app stores.
  • Loyalty Ensured – A user-friendly app will assure loyal users. Let’s take Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. These apps have a solid user base. Apart from the features and functionalities that those apps offer, one of the main reasons for the loyal user base is the UI/UX design. So, keeping a tab on the recent mobile app UX design trends ensures a loyal customer base for sure. 
  • Surge in Traffic – A handy UI/UX design is sure to increase the traffic. Why? The more user engagement, the more consistent the traffic would become, and from thereon, as new users join in, mere users tend to convert into valuable customers ultimately there will be a surge in the traffic. So, to increase the traffic, it is important to keep an eye on the recent trends of UX design.
  • Branding Amplified – Customer satisfaction is the ultimate mantra behind amplified branding. When customers are happy with the UI/UX of the mobile app the brand value will naturally increase. Therefore to boost the brand value, it is vital to stay updated with the latest UX design trends. 

Now that the significance and the importance of staying updated with UX design trends are discussed, let’s explore the 10 Important Mobile App UX Design Trends to keep a tab on!

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1. Dark Themed UX Design

Be it the UI/UX of the website design or mobile app design, ‘dark themes’ have become the new cool. Scientifically ‘dark theme’ tends to minimize the exposure of blue light. This helps in reducing the strain of the eye caused due to increased screen time. Also, technically, the dark theme tends to extend the battery life.  

Apart from the scientific and technical advantages, dark themes aid in using extensive image-driven UX design which gives a cutting edge from the UX experience angle. Background contrast adjustments are enhanced and a majority of the esport gamers find it easy to adapt to the aesthetics of the dark theme since they are accustomed to dark themes in their gaming arena. 

2. Passwordless Log-Ins

Ever since digitalism took over, there are numerous passwords to remember as every single application nowadays has a personalized account creation process that requires the users to create accounts with different credentials from app to app. 

Well, when we talk about remembering the periodic table elements in our chemistry classes, we know how much of a struggle it was. Today’s passwords require a small case, upper case, numbers, and special characters. Just imagine the trouble of remembering each password!

Owing to the trouble of remembering passwords, passwordless log-ins now have a great reception among users that it has become an important mobile app UX design trend to definitely look out for!

3. All Hail to 3D Tech!

Thanks to AR & VR users are introduced to the world of virtual perception and are gaining a good grip over the tech. The UX design is now slowly tapping the potential of 3D visualization to incorporate them into Mobile App Development. 

3D graphics and animation have a way to the heart of the users. Especially after the pandemic, having a first-class digital visualization will become a mandate for mobile app development. In short, the present and the future of mobile app development have a huge scope for 3D tech.

4. Voice Over Typing?

Voice search had a mixed response when it came to the market. But now, products that solely work on voice interfaces are dominating the market. Take Echo and Echo Dot for example, what are they other than the Alexa voice interface? 

With the evolution of IoET, it is slowly becoming a mandate for mobile apps to have the voice interface up and running smoothly. Voice over typing? Maybe… Maybe not… But, it is definitely something to be kept an eye on!

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5. Prompt Cross-Platform Development

In the present day scenario, we have users of both Android & iOS platforms. Native App development has been overtaken by cross-platform development. There are several advantages of switching to cross-platform mobile app development such as:

  • Advanced UI & UX Designs
  • Codes – Reusability
  • Ease of Customization
  • Time-Saving & Cost-Effective
  • A broad range of mobile app development options
  • Rapid time to market

Owing to the above-mentioned advantages, prompt cross-platform mobile app development is one important mobile app UX design trend to keep track of.

6. Abstract Visualization

Having center-staged visuals with tabular representation is becoming a bit out of the league now. Having abstract images/visuals and geometric arts to portray the essence of the product or service spread out in the entire area of the app frame is the new hot now. Therefore abstract visualization is yet another UX design trend to watch closely. 

7. Handwritten Content

We are engaging with AI and bots majorly now. The human element is missing these days. And the pandemic has only increased the gap between humankind and thereby using handwritten contents wherever possible will tend to boost user engagement. Therefore in order to make your UX design stand out, you can count on using handwritten fonts. 

8. Microcopy & UX Writing

There is a famous quote by Willow Bay that goes like this, ‘For maximum impact, listen more and speak less’. Speaking less in terms of UX writing refers to making the best use of microcopy. Expressing and giving detailed information through lengthy content is one thing and portraying it as a one-liner is another. In the current scenario, one-liners aka microcopy are creating a buzz in the UX design trend and therefore it is better to keep an eye on it.

9. Personalization Pro

It is human nature to feel special when someone remembers tiny details about them. And when the app’s UX is custom-made for individual users, the user engagement is sure to increase. So, personalizing the UX design with a definite set of inputs is something that will touch the hearts of the users. 

10. Simplicity is the new Sophistication

Though having a grand UI and UX might look like a winning formula, it has to ease the navigation. Making the CTA visible and the checkout process less complicated is sure to make the users come back again. Since simplicity is the new complexity, make the best use of it. 

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Winding up with the Mobile App UX DesignTrends…

Mobile apps are more than just tools today. The more user-friendly it is designed, the more it will be looked up to. The UX design is an important contributing factor to make the app more engaging, comfortable, and loveable. And that is why UX design plays a major role in the success of a mobile app. Embracing the latest UX design trends leverages to stay ahead of the game which is why it is vital to keep a tab on them. 

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