Month: March 2020

What are the advantages of virtual team?

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Having a Virtual Team onboard has always been a plus point. Especially in pandemic situations like the one we are currently witnessing, the essence of having a Virtual Team onboard has been significantly realized. There are many advantages of Virtual Team as they contribute to the overall productivity of the […]

How to Monitor and Increase Virtual Teams Productivity?


The current pandemic situation clearly depicts the importance of having a Virtual Team on board. With all the technical advancements at its best, how you use them is all that matters. There is this generic view that ‘work from home’ is pretty simple and you can expect maximum results, but, […]

Effective Ways to Increase Productivity at Work – Work From Home Special

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Digital transformation has brought about a humongous change in our day-to-day activities. Be it in our personal lifestyle or professional lifestyle, it is evident that digitalism has made things easier than before. On the work front, with the advent of work progress monitoring tools, thanks to digital growth, work from […]

How to get ideas for building a startup?

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One can’t deny the fact that the present scenario that we are living in can be rightly called as the ‘Startup Era’. There are many reasons to back up this statement. The primary reason being, the current era is a transitional era in almost all walks of life and therefore […]

11 Important Things to know before building Mobile App


The world is moving towards advance technologies in the field of mobile app development. In late 2015, mobile users around the world were 2.2 billion and the number is likely to reach 3.8 billion by 2020. The usage of mobile device has been rapidly increasing and plays an important role […]

Siam Computing Awarded Amongst Top Indian Software Developers

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Siam Computing Earns Award from Clutch Siam Computing is proud to announce that we’ve been named among the top app modernization firms by Clutch, a leading B2B ratings and reviews platform. We are a leading provider of software services and development solutions, and our team is thrilled by this news. […]