Product Development

Here is a list of our work and a few quick case studies in Product Development.

We have been working with companies that are just in ‘idea’ stage to large enterprises. 

Recent work.

Business Intelligence Engine

Customized software development

An application based on  Mongodb was built, with laravel as the backend and angularjs on the clientside. We ran a 3 node mongodb cluster and used highcharts to do the data presentation. We were able to achieve sub 3 second response times on all reports.

Business App-min

Fernweh – Online travel booking

App development

Built on laravel, angularjs and mysql, we built an intricate system through which the data points across the multiple vendors can be mapped by Fernweh along with controlling their own internal listing apart from providing them with a unique caching mechanism. Providing the customers with the lowest prices for the services available is the main feature.

Hisabing – quotation management.

Custom Web App

We built a multipurpose tool with features for quotation and invoice management, auto payment tracking, historical info, quote to invoice conversion and many other attributes to facilitate business management.Tailored by experts, the highspot of Hisabing is the ease of getting quotes and invoicing done without any hassle.

Hisabing product development
MSB product development

MSB – Educational Software

Software development

We crafted a powerful system that can gather  minute details about a student such that the progress made by the student can be analysed in depth, apart from creating a workspace where the lesson plan, the exam pattern, question papers and personal remarks from the teachers can be attained.

Grandeur Stay – Hostel management

Software Development

We constructed an easy-to-use application that allowed them to govern their institution with no difficulty via features like online registration and fee payment, status of availability at the click of a button, inmate login and feedback system, among the others. Finishing off all the formalities starting from checking in to checking out online is its best feature.

Grandeur product development
Music Shaala product development

Music Shaala – Online music learning

App Development

We crafted an easy to use online classroom for those who want to cultivate their interest in music, where students from all continents can take online lessons from the tutor of their choice by making appointments with their instructor after paying the fees online. The attractive feature is the availability of music lessons at much lower prices from the tutor you choose.

Freezik – Music App

App Development

We built a music marketplace for Indie songs accessible on all digital media where artists can post their songs and earn money based on the number of downloads of their songs and music lovers can listen and download songs by subscribing, thereby gaining access to a very large collection of songs by independent artists. The key feature is the redistribution of advertising revenue to ‘the artists of the month’, thus promoting and discovering new talents.

Freezik product development
st barth product development

St. Barth – E-Magazine

App Development

A system facilitating online newspaper reading and reviewing were set up by us where the daily news were displayed and people could use it on their phones as well as computers for free. It is structured as an e-magazine where the pages can be flipped at the stroke of a hand or a button and displays news, advertisements, and all the happenings like parties, campfires, discount sales etc.

Simply Sane – Social Sharing Based E-Commerce Portal

E-commerce Software Development

We built an e-commerce marketplace where used apparels and add-ons could be sold, bought or rented easily by adding the products in front end which will be published after the approval of the admin. Highlight : It offers end to end logistics and verification service that protect the interests of the seller and the buyer and make the customer experience hassle free.

Simply Sane product development

Ismat ERP

Custom ERP Development

We built an ERP tool that made data entry, data editing and data retrieval fast and efficient so that business could be managed well and many back office functions could be automated with ease. User accountability is the key feature. That is, each department can access only the information that is allotted to them.

Tucson ERP – For Hydraulic Valves

Custom ERP Solution

We developed a custom ERP tool which make tracking the progress of valve production from initiation to completion very quick, accurate and trouble-free. The entire factory management is online and the production workflow along with all other modules are integrated on the same online database.

The attractive trait is the rich UI for ease of access and the employees are able to work better with new user friendly interface.

Tucson product development
Oncocanvas product development

Oncocanvas – Healthcare Survey Management

App Development

We built an application that acted as a platform where all panelist details could me managed and a particular set of panelists could be filtered and invited for surveys. Conducting surveys globally for the purpose of healthcare market research is made chaos-free using Oncocanvas. The attractive trait is that from the signing up of oncologists around the world as panelists to tracking their payment post survey and consultation, everything is taken care of by the system.

Lighterside of Real Estate – A Community For Sharing And Personalising Content

Custom Software Solution

We created an application that enabled members to choose articles, memes and videos of their liking, personalise and brand them according to the available customisations and finally share them in digital marketing platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest etc. Innercircle can integrated with the user’s social media so that posting the content, image memes is done more easily. Branding of content is the most attractive feature. Real estate agents can pass off content from Innercircle as their own to get market for their business.

Lighterside product development
BeUnlost product development

BeUnlost – Local Places Recommendation Powered By Text Analytics

App Development

We built an iOS app which performs Text Processing on travel blogs from web and extracts relevant spot-specific experiential and factual inputs where tourists can get to see concise, summarized & categorized information along with images on a single screen relieving them of the need to search the web and consume voluminous content. The highspot of BeUnlost is pre-departure trip planning in addition to in-trip discovery of information.

Go Ihram – Marketplace for booking Haj & Umrah packages

Custom Software Solution

We constructed a travel package booking mediator which offer the best Umrah and Haj packages by collaborating travel agents and travellers in an online marketplace with payment gateway for the package amount, access from any device feature, tracking of orders, package reviewing etc. The assurance of maximum transparency is the highlight.

Goihram product development
DCirq product development

DCirq – A Social Network For The Elite

App Development

A private, members only social media accessible to a restricted group of people was built by us where members are included in exclusive circles based on personal preferences, can share and comment on photos, unravel stories from brands, intermingle with other members in circles and discover the state-of-the-art information on happenings of elite world. DCirq also acts as a platform for showcasing new products, thus having a high potential for marketing.

Remote Quality Management for Sourcing Agents

Custom Software Development

We built a unique solution allowing sourcing agents to remotely generate quality inspection reports realtime and send it to end clients in neatly formatted pdf’s via email.

integrated-overseas-reports-management product development
bpl product development

BPL – An Online Auction Solution For Sports Talent

App Development

We crafted an application where the players could register for BPL and once it is approved by the admin of the backend, the player profile will be stored in the database. On the day of auction, these profiles will be displayed to assist team captains choose their players. The team, players, captains, match schedule and sponsors are visible online. Highlight: Allotment of points to players based on their experience. This play a vital role in decision making by captains during auction.

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