Benefits of outsourcing to Chennai : It is a development cradle

July 28th, 2017

Benefits of outsourcing to Chennai

The Chennai Startup ecosystem is nascent but growing. A once major automobile hub is now setting its foot into software and likely to play a big part in technology. Whether it is manufacturing, automobile or engineering, Chennai, the conservative capital of Tamilnadu is undoubtedly emerging as a successful playground for multiple startups. Chennai is a great combination of a bit of tech, high density of media and old money. With some business sense and success stories like TVS, Univercell, Tafe etc., Chennai is scripting India’s second tech wave. The slews of innovative startups are quietly setting up shop and targets markets abroad. There are much more benefits of outsourcing to Chennai

The metropolis city had only a few things to stake claim earlier with some global automobile manufacturers like BMW, Hyundai, Daimler and Ford. Though Chennai lagged behind other cities, the scenario is witnessing a drastic change.


New place for companies and increasing Entrepreneurs:

Chennai’s IT and automobile industries win hands down comparison with Mumbai. The city offers many job opportunities with blooming IT industries throughout it. With more IT organizations like Tech Mahindra, Netaxix, DSRS, Maars Software International Ltd etc., Coming in, there is a great chance of employment, at hand for not only for locals but for anyone across the country. In terms of startups, Chennai is already creating their mark on the global market. Chennai is headquarters of new age social media and Software-as-Service startups like Freshdesk, OrangScape, XLabz, InterviewStreet, Extragram, Tenmiles Corporation and Unmetric. With their own space and technologies, these startups are attracting global attention by its own means: Zarget,, GoBumpr, HyperVerge, Uniphore, DriversKart etc., Although born out of Silicon valley, adding to the frame is bootstrapped unicorn ZOHO.


Few Icons:

  Founders   Started   History
  Murugavel Janakiraman      Leading online matrimonial classifieds site
  Sridhar Vembu   Zoho      A software product company that offers Software as a service (SaaS)
  Girish Mathrubootham    Freshdesk     Cloud-based customer support platform


Educational institutions:

Chennai is renowned for its education institutions. Apart from Anna University, Madras Christian College and IIT Madras, Chennai also has some top notch institutions like SSN, SRM, Loyola, Bharathi Art College, Jeppiar etc. Bagging many educational institutions all over the city, many schools and colleges that were seeded during British period are still functioning in Chennai. The World has witnessed few Chennai born powerful men and women in the field of technology. Sundar Pichai from Chennai, Google’s CEO has become an inspiration to youngsters. And Indra Nooyi, CEO of Pepsi did her bachelor’s in MCC.

Fact: Chennai bagged the best city award, by Venkaiah Naidu for its excellent Education service.


Internet growth:

Internet usage is almost a big part of everyone’s day to day life. Access to the internet is one of a potential aspect for any company to run. Nowadays choosing a place with good internet service is really tricky. In recent years, Chennai netizens are pleased with few mushrooming, yet powerful internet resource. In fact internet has opened doors for people to have everything at their doorstep. Take for example Airtel Broadband, ACT Fibernet and Beam Telecom offers high speed service with unbelievable cost. The speed of internet service offered by these companies was better than others. Be it for small or medium businesses, they pick digital medium because of the underlying growth of internet and mobile internet of Chennai.



With the launch of metros, active MTC buses and local MRTs, one can definitely experience less traffic congestion in the city. The Government has taken enough measures in expanding the city to better facilitate its transportation. Anyone who has travelled in other metro cities knows how traffic system is well regulated in Chennai. And a must mention is the roads are wide and functional. The city is located in plain surface that makes it easy for vehicles users drive comfortably. One big reason why travelers pick railways over roadways is that, the OMR and ECR roads are large and wide. Along the road of ECR one can encounter many hotels, resorts and villas for stay. They are not only safe, but also come at an affordable cost. The city is also connected by EMU trains, MRTs, and metro rails. There is an existing plan where you can travel in any number of MTCs with a 5o bucks ticket. This plan is not only cost effective, but also time consuming.

And an honorable mention, Chennai bagged the best city award, by Venkaiah Naidu for its excellent transport service.



Chennai is cost effective compared to other metropolitan cities. In terms of food, entertainment, housing etc, Chennai is way cheaper. Chennai is one such place which is the combination of rich cultural heritage, growing public and social infrastructure, better education, investor-friendly government policies and work opportunities.



Chennai being reported as one of the best cities to live in by BBC – Living in: 2015’s hottest cities, says, “With the opening of the new, air-conditioned Chennai Metro Rail, this east coast city that was once a mere jumping off point for the rest of India is becoming a destination in its own right, reports Lonely Planet. As one of India’s safest big cities, Chennai, which has 4.3 million residents, also feels less congested and hectic than other cities of its size because it is spread out. Easy access to beaches and historic temples, as well as the city’s Tamil culture, also make it appealing for expats.



“Vandharai Vazhavaikum Chennai” represents a growing public and social infrastructure, rich cultural heritage, investor-friendly government policies, good education, and work opportunities. In fact, Chennai has been pegged as the Detroit of South Asia and Forbes magazine rated it as one of the fastest growing cities in the world. And, believe it or not Chennai has contributed 6% of startup activity in the digital and software product side reported by NASSCOM in the year 2014. And there are many trusted and transparent companies here with hands on experience with product development and web development for outsourcing your need!. And it has a welcoming ecosystem on which many industries can flourish and develop on its own.

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