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Want to develop a successful product? Three essential things to look for

If you’re building a product, your aim should be happy customers who are willing to buy your product as quickly as possible. But, most businesses fail at the very first step while writing the business plan and diving into it abruptly. Being a start-up, you might not know that the […]

Checklist for building a software product

Finding a right product market fit comes after years and years of experience in engineering, building a team, understanding the user, incorporating feedback and doing this process over and over again. There is a lot of information out there on what needs to be done at what point. Most people […]

Feature Prioritisation : How do i pick what to build in my product?

As a startup founder, you have your idea and a million things that you want to build. Everything is essential, everything needs to be done and they all need to be done NOW. There is an infinite number of features that can be added in a product, it’s easy to […]

Using Design Thinking for Startups

Statistics show that eight out of ten entrepreneurs fail within the initial three years of the startups. The core issue does not lie in the product or technology but when the problem is not identified well enough in the context of the user. This is where Design Thinking comes into […]

Chatbots On The Rise – End Of An Era For The Apps?

We are once again in the middle of once in a decade paradigm shift. It is about how humans will interact with the digital world in front of them. Within a few years, it will be through natural language that is used in everyday communication, called as Conversational Interface. How […]

Software development practices – KISS & DRY

Software development practices – KISS & DRY

If you are into software development, you must be used to new languages, new techniques, new codes showing up at your desk more often than you want it to. This leaves you with nagging self-doubts every now and then: ‘Can I cope up with this and stay on my feet?’ […]

Qualities to look for in a tech partner

Every now and then, when stories of successful entrepreneurs keep popping up as desktop notifications, we can not help but wonder how they got there – to be a desktop notification. We hear and read about this a lot in their stories – MVP. Most Valuable Player? Minimum Viable Product? […]

Why Should A Startup Hire A Product Development Agency

The thought of hiring a product development agency gives the startup folks a wave of worry.Most of the time, they are aware of their requirements, but they don’t know how to land up with the one they actually need. A product development agency is a body that takes up a […]

An Introduction To Chatbots

An Introduction To Chatbots

A Chatbot is a computer program which conducts a conversation with human users. Through auditory or textual methods, chatbots indulge human beings in a basic conversation. These are used in messaging apps like Facebook messenger, Telegram, Slack etc and is a user friendly method to clear one’s queries, retrieve information, […]

Introduction to startup

Introduction to startup

Starting business ground up can be very hard especially without a proper introduction to startup. Apart from the risk factors involved, it can be emotionally and mentally challenging. If you are pondering about setting out on a new business venture and are confused about the basics of startups, you’re at […]