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Using Design Thinking for Startups

Statistics show that eight out of ten entrepreneurs fail within the initial three years of the startups. The core issue does not lie in the product or technology but when the problem is not identified well enough in the context of the user. This is where Design Thinking comes into […]

How Your Business Future Depends On The Way We See The Design?

“The business of the future is not so different, It all depends on how we see the design.” Design is an extension of business. In general, organizational problems are design problems. From framing problems to planning approaches and articulating solutions, designers have a direct influence on business. We believe designers […]

Chatbots On The Rise – End Of An Era For The Apps?

We are once again in the middle of once in a decade paradigm shift. It is about how humans will interact with the digital world in front of them. Within a few years, it will be through natural language that is used in everyday communication, called as Conversational Interface. How […]

Software development practices – KISS & DRY

Software development practices – KISS & DRY

If you are into software development, you must be used to new languages, new techniques, new codes showing up at your desk more often than you want it to. This leaves you with nagging self-doubts every now and then: ‘Can I cope up with this and stay on my feet?’ […]

Qualities to look for in a tech partner

Every now and then, when stories of successful entrepreneurs keep popping up as desktop notifications, we can not help but wonder how they got there – to be a desktop notification. We hear and read about this a lot in their stories – MVP. Most Valuable Player? Minimum Viable Product? […]

Progressive Web App Development – The Next In Line

Progressive Web App Development – The Next In Line

There’s bread. There’s chicken. There’s cheese. Let’s make a sum of all these. And then, there are pizzas that are a whole lot greater than the sum of its parts. That is what it is like using Progressive Web App over a web application and an app. This is the […]

List of Software Development Tools for a Startup

List of Software Development Tools for a Startup

For an individual who’s starting up a new business, it’s difficult for him/her to breakdown all the things they require in terms of their software development. Through this blog post, we want to be of help to people like you, so that you can directly come to know before starting […]

Product Development Cost Analysis For Startups

Founders of software startups and companies, we hear you! Spending sleepless nights thinking about product development cost is something very common and understandable. We are a product development agency and we get to talk to tens and hundreds of startup founders every month. And, with the rise of tech startups, […]

Why Should A Startup Hire A Product Development Agency

The thought of hiring a product development agency gives the startup folks a wave of worry.Most of the time, they are aware of their requirements, but they don’t know how to land up with the one they actually need. A product development agency is a body that takes up a […]

5 reasons to choose NodeJS for your product development

Nodejs has been enjoying web developer’s attention ever since its launch and a lot of them are changing into full fledged Nodejs developers and Nodejs experts. This open source cross-platform runtime environment has been written in JavaScript, which makes it an exceptional choice for real-time applications. Nodejs is packed with […]