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Chatbots and Conversational UI

Why chat-bots? It has been recorded that people spend more time in messaging apps than the time they spend on social media. So, if you are looking forward to extending your services you can start by offering it on platforms where people spend most of their time-the texting platform. This […]

Chatbots On The Rise – End Of An Era For The Apps?

We are once again in the middle of once in a decade paradigm shift. It is about how humans will interact with the digital world in front of them. Within a few years, it will be through natural language that is used in everyday communication, called as Conversational Interface. How […]

How Chatbots Are Going To Replace Apps

How Chatbots Are Going To Replace Apps

Chatbots – A brief introduction We have been interacting with computers and getting information in return for quite some time, that fundamental nature hasn’t changed, what has evolved is the package in which it is delivered. As the traditional app services appear to be on the verge of extinction ,the […]