Our Process

Over the years, we have fine tuned our web and mobile development process to ensure quality and timely delivery. Have a look at how we go about doing things :

From Scratch to Finish.

Step #1: Requirements

business analysis process

Understand what's the goal

Our team of business analysts work with you to understand what your objective is and what you are looking to achieve. We try to bring our years of experience and help shape what the final product will be.

Step #2: Wireframes

wireframe process

Represent Visually

Once the requirements are clear, we create wireframes using tools like balsamiq to give a clear picture of what the layout will look like and determine the information hierarchy. Building wireframes gives us the opportunity to revisit the drawing board if needed.

Step #3: Prototyping

mockups process

Build Mockups & UI Kits

Once the wireframes are done, we build style guides that comprise of the color scheme and typography. We also build a UI kit representing the common elements that will be used like buttons, headings, etc.

Step #4: Frontend

product development services process

Visual & Client logic

After the mockups are completed, we use technologies like html5, css3 to code visual elements of the site and use javascript libraries like angularjs / reactjs to code the client side logic

Step #5: Backend

backend dev process

Business logic & database

To give meaning and purpose to the frontend elements, we build applications on REST API that expose business logic that can be consumed by the frontend elements.

Step #6: Analysis

qa process

Test Cases & Bug Fixes

We have a robust quality analysis team that write extensive test cases based on the core business requirements and verify the same against what the backend and frontend teams have delivered.

Step #7: Delivery

document launch process

Launched With Documentation

We work with our clients to launch their product or website, at the same time prepare extensive documentation on the architecture decisions, the database structure and overall business logic. We provide necessary training videos to help have a smooth transition.

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