Our Bespoke React JS Development Services

Leveraging the dynamism and flexibility of React JS, we create quick and interactive user interfaces for large enterprise-grade web applications.

Custom React JS Development

We deliver robust tailor-made React JS solutions built with special focus on speed, simplicity, scalability and updating the data on front-end seamlessly.

UI Development

Utilizing virtual DOM and reusable component, we build front-end for web applications with seamless performance and high-quality UI experience.

API Development

React API integration and plugin development services to optimize and enhance the features of web applications. We also deliver completely API-driven React JS applications.

Migration & Upgradation

Upgrade your React JS application to the latest version or migrate your existing app to the robust React JS framework to achieve better performance and scalability.

React JS Consulting

We work with you to discover how React JS can enhance your web application and help you to make an informed decision regarding allied technologies.

Support & Maintenance

Ensure the smooth functioning of your React JS web application with real-time performance monitoring, instant bug fixes, and regular auditing and reporting services.

Our React JS Development Verticals

We use React JS for creating the view/front-end component for building robust and ground-breaking digital solutions for businesses in diverse verticals.

Media & entertainment

User-friendly and dynamic single-page applications for businesses in the media and entertainment industries to deliver a seamless contentconsumption experience to their users.


Top-notch web application solutions for real estate businesses to help customers find better properties quickly and build a good relationship between the sellers and buyers.


Innovative React JS solutions for businesses in travel, tourism and hospitality industries to enhance customer relationships and find new ways to generate revenues.

Food & beverages

Intuitive and user-friendly single page web applications for F&G businesses to enable on-demand food delivery and online reservation and provide a seamless experience to the customers.


Online course platforms, e-learning solutions, and education management systems to transform education administration and online learning and teaching experience.

Social networking

User-friendly and interactive social networking apps that help users to connect and engage with others, build communities and have an immersive online communication experience.

Why is Siam Computing the Right React JS Development Company for Your Product Development?

We are a leading React JS development company delivering innovative and avant-garde digital solutions to transform businesses from within byleveraging cutting-edge technologies.


Agile and Scrum methodology with better coordination and collaboration among all stakeholders of the app during the development process. It enables faster development and reduces time to the market.


We provide round the clock free technical support for 15 days after the project launch. The free support covers bug fixes and minor changes requiring less than one hour of working time.


Brilliant strategists to lead the discovery stage of your idea. We conduct detailed research to figure out various challenges, opportunities, and competition to design the perfect solution for your needs.


We follow avant-garde software development strategies to speed up the development process, cut down costs, reduce the time to the market and to get the best out of your web application.


We have worked with global businesses that are leaders in their markets.We have the brilliance and experience to deliver ground-breaking digital solutions that take your business to the next level.


We create innovative solutions to solve the new challenges and needs that emerge during our clients’ digital evolution journey.Our solutions help them to stay top in their game and make a difference.


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Unleash the Power of Javascript with MEAN Stack to create High-performing Web Apps

With strong expertise and solid experience in MEAN stack, we can deliver robust and high-performing web applications that deliver a gorgeous online experience to the end-users.

Superior performance

All technologies used in the MEAN stack are designed for creating blazing fast web applicationswith high-rendering performance.


MEAN stack is based on Javascript which helps you to reduce the number of developers working on the project and cut down the cost.


The countless number of libraries and components available for MEAN stack reduces the development time and cost considerably

Cloud integration

Adding cloud functionalities to your web app and connecting your app with other web services are easier for apps using the MEAN stack.

MEAN Stack Technologies

MongoDB for Database

An open-source and object-oriented No SQL database. It makes scaling up databases easier and guarantees great performance.

Express for Web Programming

A simple and powerful open-source programming language for the server-side scripting of web applications that run on the NodeJS platform.

ReactJS for Front-end

An open-source and flexible Javascript UI framework used to create the view or front-end componentof web applications with fast rendering.

Node JS Web Server

An open-source ad cross-platform Javascript runtime that allows developers to use Javascript for server-side scripting and create robust apps.

Hire Dedicated React JS Developer

Hire dedicated remote React JS developers who meet your special talent requirement and fill the gap in your React JS expertise.

  • Weekly/monthly/yearly hiring
  • Daily/weekly reporting
  • Daily/weekly code delivery
  • Flexible office hours depending on your time zone
  • Source code authorization
  • Complete control over the developer
  • Stay connected all time
  • Avant-garde infrastructure and development environment
  • Excellent English communication skills
  • Agile workflow

Let’s craft brilliance together

We are always excited to discuss innovation, discover possibilities together, use our expertise to add value, and build market-disrupting digital products.

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