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Simply Sane – Social Sharing Based E-Commerce Portal

An online portal where apparels, accessories and foot wears ranging from used to unused are bought and sold with the motto of not letting fashion die inside a wardrobe.

Simply Sane is a social sharing based e-commerce platform where wearables possessed by anyone can be sold or bought with ease.

Problem Statement

The frustration and guilt on seeing beautiful fashion pieces going waste post a very few times of usage brought the client to us with the purpose of finding a way to share the items of clothing that can still be used by others but not by the self through buying, selling or renting them.


We built an e-commerce marketplace where used apparels and add-ons could be sold, bought or rented easily by adding the products in front end which will be published after the approval of the admin.

  • Highlight : It offers end to end logistics and verification service that protect the interests of the seller and the buyer and make the customer experience hassle free.
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