Hostel management software development

Grandeur Stay – Hostel management software development

A platform for managing hostels in a quick and efficient manner was built by us, embedding on-screen floorplan of each room with graphic representation of availability of beds.

Grandeur Stay, a home away from home for working women, efficiently manages their facility using a handy system that we built.

Problem Statement

Looking for an agency that could provide what they needed, Grandeur Stay, a chain of ladies’ hostels with the aim of reaching the forefront in providing hostel services, were in need of a web application that made hostel management in vogue and easy to do. Understanding that time is of the essence to working-women and college students, they also wanted an online fee payment system as well as an online feedback mechanism catering to their convenience.


We constructed an easy-to-use application that allowed them to govern their institution with no difficulty via features like online registration and fee payment, status of availability at the click of a button, inmate login and feedback system, among the others. Finishing off all the formalities starting from checking in to checking out online is its best feature.

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