Places navigation app development Chennai

BeUnlost – Local Places Recommendation Powered By Text Analytics

A travel app for tourists for navigating the places of interest in a particular location shown on a map based UI.

BeUnlost lets tourists who are in-trip discover information about tourist spots within a radius of 2 km from their immediate location, providing them with spot-specific content with great accuracy.

Problem Statement

To make the exploration of places of tourist interest easier, we were approached with the need of creating a system where tourists can gain information about each and every visit-worthy spots in and around their location from a single screen filled with  concise content and images without having to sift through the web.


We built an iOS app which performs Text Processing on travel blogs from web and extracts relevant spot-specific experiential and factual inputs where tourists can get to see concise, summarized & categorized information along with images on a single screen relieving them of the need to search the web and consume voluminous content. The highspot of BeUnlost is pre-departure trip planning in addition to in-trip discovery of information.


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