Why Should A Startup Hire A Product Development Agency

The thought of hiring a product development agency gives the startup folks a wave of worry.Most of the time, they are aware of their requirements, but they don’t know how to land up with the one they actually need.

A product development agency is a body that takes up a particular project with a team of skilled people who are responsible for various parts of the project. They have the bandwidth to complete the project in the stipulated time and work.

Yes, we totally agree that the process of finding the perfect one for your startup is a hard journey. We have been told by so many of our clients the kind of disappointments they had to face and, the time and effort that was required by them to filter out thousands of product development agencies and finally hold on to one, us.

Some folks also get stuck in making up their minds whether to shoot for an agency or somehow keep managing stuff by themselves.

Well, we’ve been there and that’s the reason, we decided to help you if you too are struggling to decide whether or not to join hands with a product development agency.

What stops you from adding a virtual team from the product development agency?

Reasons can be many, personal and professional, but yours might echo with some of these:

  • The difficulty of the process of hiring the agency
  • Fear that the agency would not understand the project requirement well
  • Lack of time to discuss with the agency representatives
  • Fear of losing time Fear of not meeting the deadlines …and so on.

In spite of so many hurdles, there are several reasons why you should hire an agency for product development for your startup.

1. You get time to brainstorm

When you handover the software and technology part of your startup to an agency, it’s time for you to get back to your own team. Sit and brainstorm your strategy, look for possible dangers, highs and falls, and talk about how you can improve your product. The product development agency is working upon your project to give it some shape, while you don’t have to lie down idle. Make use of this time and prepare the grounds for the launch of your product.

2. They reduce your recruitment cost

If you’ve never tried hiring anyone, please try doing so. It’s literally draining. All your time, energy and concentration that you must, must and must put into your real work, all gets washed away into the sink when you start the recruitment process. If, somehow, you finally hire five people to work together for the development work of your product, you end up paying them decent salaries at the time when you’re barely able to meet your own needs.Getting a product development agency for the same or better work, you don’t have to pay all the individuals at that agency working on your project. You can straightaway cut that recruitment cost and be kind to your pockets.

3. You can move faster

If you’re a software company, Software development is probably the biggest part of your project. And, time taking too. But, this doesn’t mean that it is the only thing you need to care about.

Once you hire a product development agency, don’t waste the relief that comes along. A lot of other sections in the company that need your attention can be dealt with better and faster during this period. Keep yourself updated with the on-goings of the agency at all steps and accordingly manage all the other aspects of your company.You might think of hiring a few in-house techies for the time when your product will be ready to use. Start looking for the talent and start the process. Keep them ready to join your company after three or six months, whatsoever.You can settle the accounts section, the office, the pre-launch campaigns etc faster and in more efficient manner, because the big part is being taken care of.

4. They are more experienced

An agency is a place of different industries. The people there have gone through various kinds of clients, unmatched requirements, high expectations, strict deadlines, and amazing work culture.

They are anyway more experienced than you, especially in the area of product development. Even if you hire your in-house developer’s team, their abilities can’t be matched. They have seen more world.

5. They have the technology to build your product

You might be knowing the terms and names of the technology to be used to build your product. You may also hire people with those skills and start building the product. What if on the way you realize that there’s something more required for the completion of this project, that your in-house team doesn’t know about?Every day every step is crucial for a startup and you must not take hasty decisions. A software development agency has the required technology and the skills to run that technology that new startups should definitely make use of.

You can do hit and trial to market your product, but not in the development of it, as there are limited resources for the same.

6. You can focus on your marketing

As strange as it sounds, the Marketing of a product does not actually require the product in hand. You can start talking about your product way before you have it to even test it.

While the guys at the product development agency are at work, you can start reaching out to your potential customers, industry leaders, and marketers. These little steps will set up your base in the industry and you can officially do a pre-launch to spread awareness about your product. This will go a long way once your product is ready.


Due to various reasons as discussed, hiring an agency for your product development is actually a low-cost affair. It is the most speedy way to have your beta version ready to be handed over to your customers. For some time, your beta version can survive very well in the market. By the time, after some months, your customers will be ready to taste the upgraded new version and your agency will be ready with it to let them do so. That’s the way companies like Skype and Alibaba actually launched. It shows that the method is successfully tested. So, why can’t you replicate it and grow in a similar fashion?

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