What Does It Take To Become A Developer?


A diamond without its cuts is no diamond. If you look it up you will find that a well-polished diamond costs about eightfold times as compared to a raw-uncut diamond. Remember, if you have a diamond, it does not mean that you have the Diamond. There stands a lot of effort between your diamond and all those shiny bright diamonds that hold your glimpse at the sight of it. In the same way, just knowing the script doesn’t take you so far. But, being on a constant lookout for improvisation and keeping all your amiable qualities on the check you can reach beyond. Here, in this article, we try to help you buy tools for your diamond. Taking it or leaving it is up to the reader. Although, as proven it is not advisory to leave it.


So, what are those qualities that differentiate a good developer from just a developer? And, to dive in deeper, what makes the best lot stand out from the good ones? We are trying to position all the attributes into three categories we will shortly get into it.



It is impossible to cut a tree with bare hands. If not an automated chainsaw you at least require an axe to cut down a tree. Likewise, to become a developer with the competent skill set you need to have some ideas on fundamentals. Depending on the stream one picks, the technology varies. It is important for a developer to realizes this before he gets himself busy with the study materials. But that doesn’t mean that there is no common know-how that can be jotted down for all of it. For example, though an editor is capable of pinpointing your syntax error, a good developer is aware of all his syntax. A developer just prefers to slack off rather than looking it up. He is left with no room improvisation as he is constantly occupied fiddling with all the syntax errors that pop up in front of him.

With that being said, what’s next? Go one at a time, Slow and steady wins the race.  Remember you can have anything but can you have everything? This lands us straight into the next question of ‘HOW’? How does a good developer stay on his feet about all the updates and features? CURIOSITY. Curiosity has its own set of well-defined reasons for existing. To mention one off the top of our heads: How can you find something if you are not looking for it? Beginning from contemporary success stories to exotic ones, the key is always to keep looking for things. This is how it works for a developer, a designer, a deviser, a formulator, an innovator, an originator; you name it.


Logic is just an inbuilt program inside your head to get all your programs done. It is practical that output gets better every time when the process is fine-tuned. It is very essential to keep your logical skills at its peak. Apart from streamlining your actions to reach your pre-planned goal, logic also evolves practically as the main theme is finalized after discussing with the prospective parties. Be it any platform, logic is the fundamental base beneath it all. Based on the script you use, the domain you pick, complexity varies at a larger phase but the fundamentals remain the same. How do you keep your logical skills on fleek? Practice. Practice makes a coder, a coder.

If not for the way, how can you reach where you want to. Logic is the way and if you can find a smooth and short-routed way; it is YOUR journey that gets better.


To define optimization: Finding an option with the most cost-effective or highest achievable performance under the given constraints, by maximizing desired factors and minimizing the undesired ones. As opposed to optimization, maximization is getting your job done without any regard to the cost or performance level. A smart person would always pick optimization anytime.  Before you begin to optimize, make sure you know everything about the project and you’re clear as a crystal. By everything, we mean the aim, its constraints, its budget, timeline, background: every last thing right from top to the bottom. From there you start laying out steps one by one very carefully so as to get where you intend to. Using your technical knowledge around each step is very crucial. Every script has its own limitations and trump cards. Keeping these points in mind about the script you are using, an optimized solution should be implemented.


Every industry has its own way of business. With the variations in its functionality, it is very obvious that the needs and the requirements are going to be different. The medical industry maintains a history of its customers(patients) while a cotton candy company does not have to. This calls for a different skillset and hence the experience in a certain domain. A novice developer can get the work done. But, domain expertise can add values and suggestions to the work apart from getting it done. Moreover, this gives you opportunities to switch over to different profiles rather than being stuck on the same one. Though working on the same field improves your skillset on that specific platform, when you reach out for more, your skill set becomes wider while at the same time helping your technical knowledge to get more precise.

Those are the three aspects that our team thinks are very essential in becoming a great developer. If you are a person with all the above-mentioned qualities, it’s great! But, remember to stay humble. If you are a person working on it, stay on your feet. Once you rest, it will be too late to be a part of the fest! And to address both the crowd, go the extra mile to make sure you at least reach where you intended on reaching in the first place.

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