The difference between Product design and development

In any industry, product development plays a key role and it refers to the complete life cycle. Developing a product starts from analyzing the current market, planning, developing a product up to the final product launch. Product design is only the part of the product development cycle where the design is planned, created, and designed. Product developers monitor each stage of product development and take steps for the final product launch. While the product designer has to design the product and report to the developer for approval and is limited only to product designing. Any decision-making of the product like sales and marketing, finance, and logistics are considered under the development stages itself. The product prototype is designed in the product design phase and is evaluated by the developer which stands as the basis of product development. The entire product development team includes product designers, manufacturing, engineers, logistics, sales, and marketing teams. The product design team includes technical staff like UX designers, technical staff, and interaction designers. 

Product development:

Each organization should come with innovative ideas to bring up a new product, to maintain a top position in the market. Product development is a complete cycle from product design to the launch of new products to the customer i.e, from conceptualization to product deployment.

The new products play an important role in the market by attracting more consumers and increasing the market share and growth of the business. Through the target market, product development can be enhanced to meet the customer’s needs and wants. Through the market analysis from the customer base, feedback is taken and converted into action. 

Stages of product development:

  • Ideation: Idea generation and screening play an important role in any organization. The Ideation team chooses the idea from its employees, who bring up innovative ideas along with the R&D team who develop the ideas. Analysis and filtering of ideas take place with the R & D team, the company official will choose the best idea which is profitable to the company and meets the customer’s demand.
  • Concept Development: The ideas selected by the management are transformed into concepts, where the marketer creates alternative product concepts from innovative ideas. Each organization will compare the alternatives that are feasible and will meet the customer needs.
  • Business analysis: During the business analysis, management will decide if the product is feasible in terms of cost, profit and sales. The product has to meet the customer demand, so the team of officials will conduct the survey and compare the product with similar products. They refer to the case studies of a similar product in the market to analyze to find out any possible risks and find out any alternative solutions. 
  • Product development: When the product ideas pass through the initial steps, it is converted into a substantial product. The prototype products are launched in the target marketplace to analyze how well the product reaches the consumer and meets their demands. Based on the market findings, the final product is built and launched. Various departments play a major role, the marketing team develops strategies to distribute the product, the finance team manages the cost involved and calculates all the costs associated with the product, both profit, and loss. The advertising team builds various strategies to promote the product on various platforms.
  • Test marketing: Feedbacks are taken from the customers through the target market, where the prototype was launched. The team tests the different strategies that include targeting, placement, marketing, packaging, and finances. Feedbacks are taken and deployed for further enhancement of the product.
  • Commercialization: After the test phase, and implementing the feedback, the product is commercialized. Along with the launch strategies, all the departments will work together for the enhancement of the product.

The product developer’s role is to analyze the reviews, competitor analysis, and data collected from the customers. The product developer consults with the management, product designer, and finance team to develop the product. Evaluates and supervises the final prototypes of the products and the designs for the final product launch. Product developers may even work on the cost incurred in developing the project and submit it to the project head for review.

Product design: 

All the designing activities that are required for the product are carried out by the product designing team. The designing team creates the look and feel of the product. The architecture of the Product is carried out by selecting the required materials. Product designs are applied in various industries from healthcare to the IT industry, both small-scale and large-scale industries. 

Stages of product design:

  • Product design Ideation: During this process, product designers generate ideas to design a product. The general ideas are picked up from employees, the R&D team, and the reverse engineering team. The new ideas are generated and analyzed by a team of experts. The feedback is even collected by external sources that include consumer feedback, market analysis, and competitor reviews.
  • Product design feasibility: The feasibility of the product design is analyzed if it is feasible for the market, economical, technically advanced, and risk proof. Once these factors are analyzed and approved, they are sent for product design.
  • Design prototype: Preliminary design is achieved by transforming the performance specifications to technical specifications. Both UI, UX are tested, and the performance is tested, any changes will be implemented, wherein the designer revises the design.
  • Testing: The prototypes are tested with the target audience, wherein the feedback is gathered to launch the final product design.
  • Product launch: During the final product launch the entire team works together. The marketing team will work upon the strategies to reach the product to the right audience, the finance team will work on the budget for the product launch, both profit, and loss. 

The product designer sketches the product designs, manually or through software by collecting the ideas from external and internal sources of the company. The product designer works along with engineers, product developers, testing team, and marketing team to achieve the final design and to modify the existing prototype. The product designer has to collaborate with the entire team to build and launch the final product.


Product developer and product designer work hand-in-hand to achieve the final launch of the product along with the management, supporting, and marketing team. A product has to go through several stages in the product life cycle to get the best product to the customers. Product design plays a significant role as the prototypes are designed by the product designer and the organization tests the ideas through these prototypes. The product is reached to the target audience wherein the reviews are collected to further enhance the product and to establish the top position in the market.

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