Our Products

Over the last decade, we have helped several startups go from zero to million dollars. Having our ear on the ground has helped us ideate and launch products of our own. Have a look.

Product types

Product Ventures

These are ventures that we started off as an MVP and are now an independent business of their own with their respective teams.

Working on our products helps us fine tune the process of product development that we in-turn bring back for our clients.

Product Solutions

Product Solutions are ready to use packages that anyone can plug-n-play to launch their own MVP. These are solutions built over time to solve specific problems in a particular industry and are available to implement and further customise. 

Product Ventures


A b2b product, launched specifically for the industrial supply segment, it allows businesses to automate business processes like invoicing, quotations, payment reminders.


World's first app that uses the power of stories to help children learn critical skills like confidence, critical thinking, collaboration.


A unique product that uses advanced AI to build out ecommerce ready websites with lakhs of products integrated. Launch your online store in less than 5 minutes.

Productised Solutions

eCommerce Chatbot

Using NLP, RECA is a plug and play chatbot that helps visitors on your website find products via fun and natural conversation

Crowdfunding Application

Project Madad is a one of a kind social application that allows you to raise funds - both monetary and in-kind. It aggregates donors, donees and NGOs. A donee can apply for fundraise, the NGO approves the request which then goes live in the donor app.

Online Live Classes

Our unique solution allows you to conduct live classes easily. Be it an educational institute or training center, our live class solution will help you run your center with ease.

LMS - Learning Management System

We have deep expertise in building education solutions. Our plug and play LMS allows you to manage your entire teaching operations seamlessly.

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