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Music Shaala – Online Music Learning

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An online venue where music can be taught as well as learnt especially for students and teachers from different countries for whom training in person is not possible due to the difference in geographic location.

To facilitate access to music training for anyone from anywhere, we built an online training platform where music can be learnt from the tutor of one’s choice without distance acting as a barrier.

Problem Statement

Wanting to make music lessons an opportunity for anyone around the globe despite the distance factor, we were approached with the request of revolutionizing online music lessons for students of all ages and levels, especially for those who couldn’t afford too much money to learn music, by familiarising them with the lexicon of music through proper training from tutors across the world via live video streaming.


We crafted an easy to use online classroom for those who want to cultivate their interest in music, where students from all continents can take online lessons from the tutor of their choice by making appointments with their instructor after paying the fees online. The attractive feature is the availability of music lessons at much lower prices from the tutor you choose.

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