Lighterside of Real Esate – A Community For Sharing And Personalising Content

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Lighterside of Real Esate – A Community For Sharing And Personalising Content

Custom Software Solution​


A space that offers content that can be personalised and shared in different social media and other platforms for the purpose of marketing.

Innercircle is a done-for-you, content marketing platform where pre-written content in connection with real estate is available for the members so that they can customize the content, brand the memes and share all these in social media in their own name.


Problem Statement

Real Estate agents have a lot on their plate and writing and publishing content for marketing purposes demand much more time that they could spare. ‘Lighter Side of real Estate’ wanted to help agents concentrate on their core work without spending too much time for digital marketing by making content sharing easy for them via a system where contents will be written by Lighter Side and the agents can personalise them and post it on various social media.



We created an application that enabled members to choose articles, memes and videos of their liking, personalise and brand them according to the available customisations and finally share them in digital marketing platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest etc. Innercircle can integrated with the user’s social media so that posting the content, image memes is done more easily.


  • Branding of content is the most attractive feature. Real estate agents can pass off content from Innercircle as their own to get market for their business.
  • The monthly membership fee is affordable and members get full access to all features and new stuff that haven’t been released to the public yet.
  • Access to witty postcards and emails that aren’t cookie-cutters to be sent to prospective buyers.

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