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Ismat ERP​

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An ERP solution built on cake PHP, AngularJS, Mongodb for a large scale manufacturing company to manage and record their business effortlessly.

Ismat ERP is the custom enterprise resource planning solution for Ismat, a large scale manufacturer of rubber,plastic and polyurethane products .


Problem Statement

As Ismat’s business expanded, it was no longer possible to manage the records in spreadsheets as it demanded a huge amount of energy and was time consuming. Hence they wanted a workspace that would make large number of data entry an easier and faster process.



We built an ERP tool that made data entry, data editing and data retrieval fast and efficient so that business could be managed well and many back office functions could be automated with ease.

  • User accountability is the key feature. That is, each department can access only the information that is allotted to them.

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