Go Ihram – Marketplace for booking Haj & Umrah packages​

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Go Ihram – Marketplace for booking Haj & Umrah packages​

Custom Software Solution​


A travel agency mediating hub for booking Haj and Umrah tour packages for pilgrims who set to fulfill the fifth of the Five Pillars of Islam.

GoIhram is an online Haj and Umrah religious travel planner for pilgrims from India that takes up careful planning and execution of the pilgrimage with maximum utilisation of the money that the pilgrims keep aside for the visit.


Problem Statement

Unlike other tourists packages, Umrah and Haj packages are not comfortable and transparent to the Hajis with travel agencies focusing on earning money alone and this brought the client to us to integrate Hajis and Best Travel Agents through technology in order for the former to book travel packages and provide the best service to the pilgrims during their visit to Mecca and Medina.



We constructed a travel package booking mediator which offer the best Umrah and Haj packages by collaborating travel agents and travellers in an online marketplace with payment gateway for the package amount, access from any device feature, tracking of orders, package reviewing etc. The assurance of maximum transparency is the highlight.

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