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Freezik – Music App​

App development


A medium to listen to unlimited streaming music from independent stage artists as well as to share and download the music that you like.

We built a unique participatory and collaborative economic model in the world of music where artists could get money for their songs and music lovers could listen, download and share the music as they please.


Problem Statement

A french client was seeking an interactive system for the development of independent artists where their songs could be made accessible to the people who can listen to and download as much songs as they want by a default subscription system through which all works of the artists available on the site could be purchased at the amount set by the artists on the platform.



We built a music marketplace for Indie songs accessible on all digital media where artists can post their songs and earn money based on the number of downloads of their songs and music lovers can listen and download songs by subscribing, thereby gaining access to a very large collection of songs by independent artists. The key feature is the redistribution of advertising revenue to ‘the artists of the month’, thus promoting and discovering new talents.

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