DCirq – A Social Network For The Elite

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DCirq – A Social Network For The Elite

App Development​


An online social media built using Node.js, AngularJS, Neo4j, MySQL, HTML5 and CSS3 exclusively designed for the elite class people to serve as a platform where ideas and the thoughts on the finer things of life can be shared.

DCirq is a social network  app development for the connoisseurs of life, that is, the elite which acts as the venue for showcasing the lives and happenings of the luxury world.


Problem Statement

For like-minded elite to share and know the thoughts and the latest trends of a particular stream and to have their their knowledge and opinions soar to the previously unattainable heights of insight, a community network was sought for where the elite could connect, converse and gain up to date inputs on the luxury world.



A private, members only social media accessible to a restricted group of people was built by us where members are included in exclusive circles based on personal preferences, can share and comment on photos, unravel stories from brands, intermingle with other members in circles and discover the state-of-the-art information on happenings of elite world. DCirq also acts as a platform for showcasing new products, thus having a high potential for marketing.

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