The perfect mix of experience, curiosity, and enthusiasm

Our team is a complete and strategic blend of skills from technology, design, consulting, management and client servicing domains that can design and deliver ground-breaking IT solutions. At Siam Computing, every one of us is challenged but also supported to bring out the best in us. We believe in collective achievement and work together by listening to each other, showing empathy and involving everyone in how we move forward and improve.

Our Pathfinders

Khuzema Siamwala


Khuzema Siamwala is the CEO of Siam Computing. His passion towards using technology as enabler to build better businesses led him to start Siam Computing. He works with companies from across the world and has helped build technology products for both startups and enterprises alike. A stickler for details, nothing pleases him more than a solution that’s well designed and crafted with the end user in mind.

Murugesa Pandian

Chief Technical Officer

Murugesapandian is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Siam Computing. He is responsible for the overall technology direction of the Siam Computing products and services. He ensures technologies that are used efficiently, profitably and securely by evaluating and implementing new systems and infrastructure.

Naghadevi B

Project Manager

Naghadevi is the Project Manager (PM) of Siam Computing. She is responsible for the overall Project delivery of the Siam Computing. She ensures that the project is delivered on time with high efficiency and an absolute bug-free project. She also takes a neutral stand between Clients and Employees for a successful run. She follows an Agile based project-driven with proper BRS, FRS and SRS docs.


Project Manager

Chidambaram, or Chid as we know him at Siam, is our young and dynamic project manager with a double master’s degree in IT and Telecom from The University of Melbourne, Australia. He loves making our client’s most challenging and impossible projects possible. When he’s not busy churning out e-mails or coordinating on slack with our developers, you can find him at the nearest Chai Kings or KFC.

Hema Latha

HR Executive at Siam Computing

Hemalatha is the HR Admin Executive of Siam Computing. Fairy godmother! is what we call her. We wish, we request she gets it for us! Her responsibility is to create and maintain a Productive, Organized, and fun-filled work environment for the team.

Our team

Siam Computing builds the team by sourcing the brightest and most talented professionals in the tech industry and from reputed universities. We enhance their skills, knowledge, and attitude by delivering well-planned and effective training. Our team members’ solid experience of working on complex projects and passion towards creating innovative solutions for tackling business challenges help us to make our clients stay at the top of their game.



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