Product Strategy & Design

Let us know what you are thinking of ,we give you the finest conceptual strategy to create your unique product through our designs and prototypes. You wish and we are here with our product strategy and design program to make it true.

Golden Spiral

Our perspective for your unique product. It is a sequential process of who, why, what, how , in order for the vision effectively achieved. By this strategy we get the clear needs of both the manufacturer and the customer, thus leading our clients to achieve their vision flawlessly.

The process

We understand the essentials of client, We break it down into every single detail so that each step is clearly discussed with the client ,thus providing the right functionality and technologies.


Build User Personas

We are here to give life to your ideas so , we make informed discussions on how the product is needed by the client ,what are the uses of the product ,target market and the user’s need on the solution. This allows the client to enhance the vision of the product .


Root Cause Analysis

For eradicating a problem completely we will have to get down to the root of every single problem. Asking ‘what if’ five times gets you to the root of the issue ,enhancing us for a quick solution and troubleshoot .


Identify Unique Problem Statements

We all cordially work as a team to identify the unique problem statement . This leads every working member in the project to know what exactly they are doing and what has to be done to overcome with the issue .



Ideation through different prompts gets you to generate clear ideas on what is to be done and how it has to be done .we at siam take brief discussions to listen and share each other ideas and to improvise it with what if prompts, brainstorming for solutions to achieve the vision



Wireframes & Prototypes

Wireframes and prototypes are at the very basis of a systematically planned UX design strategy. Beginning from wireframes, an iterative cycle of revisions permits the development of a flawless product. A high-fidelity prototype is mandatory to effectively communicate the project idea and bringing it to life.


Show and Learn from Wireframes

Wireframes gives you a clear picture of the total architectural design that has been done for a product .They give a virtual representation of the so far work done of a product ,through which products functionality ,usability is tested by the user, where correction changes and improvement is done to flexibly adopt and incorporate suggestions. wireframes helps to improvise the product.


Mock-up - Colour Scheme, Typography

Mock-ups are the pictorial show of how the final product will be. The mock-ups are flexible with changes such as addition of interactive elements buttons and icons. The colour schema typographical final changes are made in the mock-ups and the final tested product is sent for processing. Mock-ups are more complex than a wireframe but less functional than a prototype.

DCirq product development

DCirq – A Social Network For The Elite

For like-minded elite to share and know the thoughts and the latest trends of a particular stream and to have their their knowledge and opinions soar to the previously unattainable heights of insight, a community network was sought for where the elite could connect, converse and gain up to date inputs on the luxury world.


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