Discovery Process

Key Solutions

  • Only 29% of software projects can succeed and the rest are either abandoned midway or are totally disastrous.
  • From recent survey 70% software projects experience some sort of failure, due to various reasons such as unaligned goals, incomplete requirements, unrealistic pricing and timeline,etc.
  • There might be thousands of reasons, but one of the most prominent reasons is the lack of discovery.

Roles In Discovery Phase

  • Establishing business goals
  • Understanding what a successful outcome would be
  • Carrying out user research
  • Mapping the customer journey
  • Reviewing the competition

Why it is important ?

  • Reduces the time and cost
  • Highlights the user needs
  • Eliminate the need of making changes on an advanced development stages
  • Deep understanding of problem statement
  • Leads to better solution
  • Focus on business objectives
  • Creates a detailed understanding of requirements
  • Make accurate decisions based on evidence rather than assumptions

Discovery Phase Deliverables

  • User Persona – to identify who is the user & User Objective
  • Ideation – What If techniques
  • Value Proposition design
  • User Engagement – (Engagement sentiment and metric)
  • User Stories

Design Phase Deliverables

Click through Wireframes


UI Mockups

Development Phase Deliverables

  • Architecture and DB schema diagrams
  • Tech stack analysis and recommendation
  • Documentation(Software document and usage document)
  • Git Setup
  • Environment Setup
  • Sprint wise delivery and Milestone Based Demo
  • Server configuration and devops
  • Post development support