Edition 59 - Why Start-ups need to hire Growth Hackers?

Hiring a growth manager rather than a digital marketer is best-suited to early stage start-ups who need massive growth in a short period of time on smaller budgets. In other words,  A disrupting idea or a category-defining product can not change the world until it reaches in front of the right audience. At the same time, tech-savvy businesses have learned about the pulse of the generation. As a result, they are spending billions of dollars on online marketing channels and digital transformation. Above all, let’s see why start-ups need to hire growth hackers!


In short, An excellent read on Growth Hacking by Neernidhi Samtani.

Wellness programs that look at the whole person can help employees reach their full potential – impacting not only their own well-being but the well-being of the company. Any size of company can implement learning culture initiatives that encourage employees to grow.

An excellent article from Alan kohll on Leadership strategy.

For several years, digital innovator Maurice Freedman and his team had been developing a practice to help companies find an efficient way to transform their business, building a proven model for commercializing innovation. 

An excellent article presented by Microsoft.

CX has become such an important aspect of differentiation today that it cannot be siloed under “marketing” or “sales.” It needs to be a full-scale, top-down, down-up, attitude among every person in your organization. Creating a CX-driven culture is the only way to live in 2019.

If you are a Digital transformation explorer, then this is for you says Daniel Newman.

If there’s a company that’s synonymous with a seamless customer experience, it’s Netflix. It has become the defacto entertainment source for many. So much so that 15% of the world’s web traffic goes to Netflix.

An excellent read on UX Design, by Jen Clinehens.

Identifying the perfect product price ultimately rides on how much you understand your target market’s behavior. Pricing isn’t just about how much the market will bear. Sometimes it’s based on emotion and perception, like paying more for an iPhone because of the time and energy that’s put into it. 

An excellent read on Product pricing, by Tracy.

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