Edition 57 - How to Hire the right people?

The struggle of every entrepreneur has been a dilemma considering the major factor in a hiring process, either to choose competence or commitment. Then, How to hire the right people? We often encountered the hiring complications. Therefore, We come up with commitment based strategies of successful manpower management. Likewise, Siam computing, a startup software development company based out of Chennai has often encountered the hiring complications. As a result, we have come up with commitment based strategies of successful manpower management. 


To sum up, If you are an Entrepreneur, then this is for you.

With sophisticated technology, we can obtain data and analyse it. MacGarvie and McElheran identify “three main cognitive traps that regularly bias decision-making, even when informed by the best data” and offer suggestions for avoiding them.

An excellent read on decision making by Roger Trapp.

Some people aren’t nice, when they don’t love your product. But all you need is little psychology.

An excellent article from Jason Feifer on customer service.

Buttons are an essential element of interaction design. They have a primary role in the conversation between a user and the system. In this article, I’ll review seven basic principles you need to know to create effective buttons.

If you are a Design Enthusiast, then this is for you says Nick Babich.

Is it time to shed the extra weight and start over! Is UX become a joke?

An excellent read on UX, by Michal.

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