Edition 55 - Great Product do less, But Better!

Think about the most successful products you know. In other words, The ones you use everyday, as a customer. For instance, Twitter, Lyft, Venmo, Slack. One single value proposition, articulated through the various product layers: features, architecture, interactions, usability, branding, communications. In short, It’s interesting to know what it takes to be the great product.

In conclusion, An excellent article by Fabricio Teixeira on Product Design.

Good leaders know that healthy cultures develop when people not only hear about the values of the organization but experience them firsthand. Every CEO and leader should focus on becoming their company’s chief experience officer.

An excellent read on Leadership by Ken Gosnell.

The entrepreneurs behind some of the world’s most successful corporations have one thing in common: They’ve all embraced the positive potential of risk taking.

An excellent article from Inc. by Partners in Leadership.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “customer journey” before, but do you know if you’re satisfying your customer’s desire to travel? 

If you are Marketing Enthusiast, then this is for you says Anthony Saladino.

Wisdom from the Sengoku era on being better designers.
Nicholas Friebel wishes five kernels of wisdom that UX designers can learn from Kenshin

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