Edition 50 - Business Leadership Lessons From Game of Thrones

Whether you enjoyed the final season of Game of Thrones or signed the petition to remake Season Eight, one thing is for sure — it’s been an epic journey. As you debate about the finale and go back to look for Easter Eggs, think about what you can learn. If you are a founder or entrepreneur — everything you do in your life can help your business — whether it’s watching TV or whooping it up at Disneyland with the kids. Note the following eight business leadership lessons that have appeared throughout the series of Game of Thrones.  

Imagine meeting a personal stylist online who will make specific recommendations for clothing you need to purchase — including matching items and accessories. No more filters or hundreds of search results to click through. Take that a step further, and your stylist will be able to parse recommendations based on your size and budget, as well as available inventory. Finally, you can easily get input from your trusted friends online, make a final decision, and then click once to purchase. With recent improvements to messaging, chatbots, and artificial intelligence technology, that scenario is entirely possible, and the stylist doesn’t even need to be a real person. Artificial intelligence (AI) platforms can do much more than comb through product listings and return search results.

5G has come to revolutionize the way we think about internet and video distribution capabilities. We are putting aside all of the controversy surrounding some companies and focusing on the bare basics, providing a comprehensive look at the technology and all its potential. Well, the initials stand for the fifth generation, more specifically fifth generation wireless. The latest iteration in cellular technology allows for even faster speeds and responsiveness regarding wireless networks, meaning that, by some accounts, connections could travel at rates as high as 20 Gbps, which largely exceeds wireline network speeds.

In business, your leverage in negotiations is directly proportional to your size. When you’re a startup, you’re freaking tiny. So how do you get a big deal done without giving away the company? It’s rare that a startup will get a fair shake from a giant customer or partner. But these kinds of deals can mean the difference between success and failure, so we’ve got to go after them. In my perfect scenario, the gigantic partner or customer — whom I’ll just refer to as Goliath for the rest of the post — can get started with us immediately. We need to go into every negotiation with the expectation that Goliath is going to reject us, because most of the time, they’re going to reject us.

A new journaling tactic that immediately kills procrastination and boosts creative insights. For this tactic, journaling in Evernote or Notepad is fine. A paper journal would be fine too. The difference is going to come down to taste — the journal option that you find more enjoyable is the one you’re more likely to keep using. During your day, journal every time you transition from one work project to another. Write a few sentences in your journal about what you just did, and then a few more sentences about what you’re about to do.

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