Edition 49 - Implementing AI the Right way!

For many companies, when it comes to implementing AI, the typical approach is to use certain features from existing software platforms. But then there are those companies that are building their own models. Yes, this can move the needle, leading to major benefits. At the same time, there are clear risks and expenses. Let’s face it, you need to form a team, prepare the data, develop and test models, and then deploy the system. The fact is that most companies are weighed down with legacy systems, which can make it difficult to implement an AI project.There must be a realistic look at what needs to be built to have the right technology foundation, it can be costly & take considerable time.

Have you ever wondered why, no matter how hard you ‘grind’, no matter how much you ‘hustle’, you aren’t achieving the success you want? I used to think about this question a lot. I was doing what I thought were the right things. I was pumping out content. I was pushing my business onto anyone who was listening. I was taking on work from anyone who offered it. But I wasn’t getting anywhere. So what can you do to help you achieve the success you want so bad? You can start by taking the time to get crystal clear on your principles.

Facebook’s recent announcement of their upcoming cryptocurrency launch has sent shock waves through the tech, financial and crypto worlds. The launch of this new digital currency has huge implications for Bitcoin and the crypto industry at large. Facebook’s new digital currency has been an open secret for some time, and was given many names by the internet before launch. The idea of Facebook creating a currency, allowing them to track and record your personal financial information was too dystopian for most, so the jokes flowed thick and fast. The currency was released under the name ‘Libra’. Facebook’s plan for Libra is to create a digital currency that is more stable than Bitcoin, and has stronger security and scalability. 

This is a usual trap many companies fall into. Since they have developed the product, they become merged with it so much that they see themselves as product-builders and product-users as well. When you fall into this trap, it’s hard to see beyond. You start thinking only from your perspective & you limit the world of opportunities around your thoughts alone. We were excited about our new product, a security solution, that instead of focusing on the users, we started focusing only on the product. Developing a product looking only from your perspective can shrink your product perspective severely. It’s not just about the product & not only about the users, or about us. It’s about all of us. 

When Swedish furniture giant IKEA established its first store outside of Scandinavia, it created an expansion strategy of researching new markets, then opening a flagship store with local customisations and then franchising. Its customisation model was different, allowing for quirky marketing like “Swedes go home” in Switzerland. IKEA used its competitive advantage of a systematic expansion model, in terms of where the stores are and how they are laid out, with the willingness to make important changes when necessary. Competitive advantage, i.e. those conditions that give a company its favourable position 

The Lunch and Learn is more than a social activity, but it is an opportunity to convey valuable information. We at Siam Computing, pick a theme and the experts of that theme will discuss about their ideas. Self-improvement starts by dedicating ourselves for learning new things once a month. The latest edition of Lunch & Learn is all about how to build a killer team. We believe that Teamwork is more of “WE” and less of “YOU”. Mr. Arul Murugan, CEO & Co-founder of Snackexperts is on stage this time to give you a talk on “How to build a killer team”

If you want to be a team player and want to achieve something big in life as a team but, you have many questions running in mind that stops you from being “A TEAM PLAYER”, then this is your cup of tea. Interact with Mr. Arul Murugan to know how they succeeded in life by building a good team.

If this piques your interest, then come join us to grab a bite and interact with the key speakers at our Broadway office @ 12:30 p.m on Sat June 29th, 2019.

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