Edition 48 - Why Thought Leadership should be a Business Priority?

Thought leadership has become increasingly important in recent years, as marketing and public relations activities have moved beyond more traditional strategies. Executives, marketers and salespeople alike recognize the importance of establishing a presence within an organization’s given sector as a leader rather than a follower. Consequently, establishing thought leadership can be an incredibly useful means of building both a personal and brand reputation. 

Google has partnered with nonprofit organizations ALS Therapy Development Institute and ALS Residence Initiative (ALSRI) to collect recorded voice samples from people who have the neurodegenerative disease, one that often leads to severe speech and mobility difficulties. For those with neurological conditions, voice-activated systems can play a key role in completing everyday tasks and conversing with loved ones, caregivers or colleagues. “You can turn on your lights, your music or communicate with someone. But this only works if the technology can actually recognize your voice and transcribe it,” says Julie Cattiau, a product manager at Google AI.

To sustain success in today’s economy, business owners need to regularly evaluate the mission and vision they have established, making necessary adjustments to ensure they are best serving their customers and communities. Customers today expect a reason to do business with a specific company. They demand appreciation for the value they bring to each business they patronize. Today’s consumer is looking for a financial stake in the goods and services they use. They want to be appreciated for their critical role in the success of any start-up. A growing technology called Blockchain offers a new and fresh ways to accomplish this goal. The ability to create a robust and transparent incentive system lies in platforms that utilize this up-and-coming tech solution. 

Like playing the flute or choosing the right sized Tupperware for your leftovers, being a good manager is a skill. You’re not born knowing how to play scales or eyeball specific volumes of pasta—it’s something learned and practiced. And when it comes to building your managerial muscles and shepherding others through a career journey, there are a lot of emotional skills that can really boost your toolkit. We’ve studied the effects of emotions in the workplace, and the research shows that managers can make or break an office. 

There has been long going debate on top vs bottom navigation, we will finally sway towards the latter in 2019. Widespread adoption of these two UX elements across iOS and Android will define this transition: Bottom Sheetsand Swipe Up gestures. Ubiquity of large screen devices and one handed usage makes bottom of the screen a prime real estate and appropriate for placing important buttons within reach.

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