Edition 38 - The Must Have Development Tools in 2019!

Technology, since time immemorial, has been extending modern marvels to us that often leave us quite mesmerized. From Bluetooth speakers levitating in mid-air to AI-driven voice assistants that can talk as good as the person standing next to us. And, as digitization continues to touch all walks of life, we are continuing to witness more of such tech-driven innovations in our day-to-day lives – thanks to a globally booming startup community. So, here’s a glance into the top tech trends that have shaped the startup ecosystem in 2018, and with it, our lives to a great extent.

Ever since the age group has changed from millennial to Gen Z, the working pattern of the top web development companies has also observed a notable swing. Today with the changing technologies, many web development tools are handy, and these tools not only save the development time but also help them in coming up with new website ideas. Because every business is distinct in its working, thus it will need a different approach for website coding. Therefore, for such varied requirements, the coders must keep themselves updated with the best web development tools for the upcoming year.

In 2006, Microsoft made a competitive move and released Zune, its version of the futuristic, one-buttoned, every-song-in-your-pocket iPod. The onscreen colors were punchy and the interface was type-led with a beautiful minimalist font. It was a bold move to challenge Apple, but in the world of product, success is not always about being first. It could be argued that the Zune-only features, such as wirelessly sending a song from one Zune to another were just as good as the iPod-exclusive features, making Microsoft’s product a seemingly strong contender. But instead, it was a failure. You could unearth countless reasons why the Zune wasn’t a success. 

Believe it or not, we are currently living in an age of technological revolution. Technologies that were once only a dream are now becoming a reality and artificial intelligence is now indispensable to business success all over the world. Before voice-based searches came along, it was hard for users to navigate through AI-based apps, but nowadays things, like performing voice commands and communicating with customer service, are a normal everyday function of artificial intelligence. In this article, we created an artificial intelligence android tutorial in order to guide you through the latest development of AI in Android.

The answer is simple, we all know it but hate to admit – Work-Life Balance! The key to staying sane, but the tag entrepreneur comes with a heavy burden of never stopping. We turn into machines that never want to stop, sometimes even while sleeping we are dreaming about genius ideas that we can implement in the morning. With this new wave about self-care, which hopefully is here to stay, it is definitely time to do things that make you feel happy from within. We live in such a fast-paced life, with unlimited competition around, it only makes sense to slow down a bit and indulge in the real deeds in life. Find your purpose, a cause that you believe in; do your bit for yourself.

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