Edition 37 - How to be the best version of yourself in 2019?

Truth is, to become who you really want to become, you’re going to need to change, and change doesn’t happen overnight. Two to three months from now though, that’s reasonable. But it’s definitely not gonna be easy. What is being proposed here is that there are no shortcut to success. It’s a set of skills that, once learned and honed, can lead you to any success you may strive for. Therefore, we have handpicked a bunch of skills that would help you become the best version of yourself in 2019.

It feels like we’re getting somewhere with all the tools, advancements in technology, and growth of our understanding of how user-facing products really have to work. Sooner than later, we’ll develop the mindset for universal design that encompasses everything we produce, and not just sell. The way we do things for ourselves needs better design choices. The way we even sound as nations can be designed in a better way. Still, a far cry from where we could be in the future, let’s get into the interface and experience design trends of 2019.

Each year, businesses across the country proclaim that this is the year that they will grow sales while simultaneously reducing the cost of doing so. In 2018, remaining competitive in virtually any market requires a keen sense of how to push these dollar signs in opposing directions. A good place to start is to revisit your strategic plan to ensure the assumptions related to your customers, competitors, go-to-market strategy, etc are still relevant. This plan provides the foundation for your marketing and sales efforts.

Spending most of our time in a digital world, we work, communicate and shop online. We order food, pick our next travel destinations and schedule doctor’s appointments by interacting with our devices. That’s why when we have some brand name in mind and try to google it, we get confused if we can’t find any brand mentions online. How is it possible that a business hasn’t established a minimal online presence? No matter the company size and type, being online is a necessity for almost any business nowadays. Otherwise, companies lose great potential by neglecting online marketing opportunities.

2018 was some year. Went through 3 jobs. Got a new car. Lost it, don’t ask me how. Earned my first moolah online. Earned a design thinking and growth marketing certification. In all this, my son still didn’t call me “Daddy”. But on the whole, 2018 was also an inflection point for me, revamping how I approached life, relationships and my career. Out of the many lessons learnt during the year 2018, here are the 12 that really stuck with me.

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