Edition 36 - Amazing story of Cryptocurrencies before Bitcoin!

A great user experience is perfect blend of concepts from psychology, design principles for an elegant UI, and a continuous feedback from the users. Most of the time, designers take into consideration the second factor along with some part of the third but completely neglect the importance of the first one. This eventually leads to a user interfaces that create high cognitive load for the user. Just like, a computer works efficiently with applications taking up little memory, human brain also works with more concentration, higher retention and less fatigue when a task takes up less cognitive load as compared to a task which is confusing or has steep learning curve.

What – you exclaim with disbelief. Cryptocurrencies before Bitcoin? Yes, indeed. Don’t get this wrong, Bitcoin was the first blockchain-based currency. But by far not the first purely digital money. That one has a colorful history of dreams, prosecution and failure. The misfits of cryptocurrencies delivered the lessons-learned for Satoshi to pull a John Doe on us. In 1983 David Chaum was the first to describe digital money. Chaum comes from a wealthy US – American family, is a brilliant mathematician and is appointed head of the cryptographic department of the Mathematical Institute in Amsterdam. In his paper, he describes the key point that his digital money differs from credit card payments through anonymity.

Market Research is a fundamental tool in any company’s arsenal today. It can uncover valuable insights that are crucial to the growth and success of the company. Market Research can tell you as to what your consumers are saying and what their expectations are from a company or a category. In addition to this, its influence is beyond just how your product is performing but can even tell you as to what its positioning should be in the marketplace. Hence it is no surprise that most successful brands in the world today embrace Market Research to guide them with their growth strategies. If you are still trying to make up your mind whether you need Market Research, here are some of the top reasons why you should consider it without any delay.

In the creative world, an evolution is happening thanks to the innovations of machine and of deep learning. This change gives a glimpse into unpublished creative horizons in terms of design, cybernetic art, music, writing, imaging and video. This is an unprecedented revolution, leading to an unstoppable change, as well as a major return to creativity. There is still a question on the lips of many creative people, artists, producers, directors and creative agencies. Will Robots steal our Jobs? The answer is No. On the contrary, the emergence of this creative artificial intelligence is going to improve their everyday life. Before understanding the 3 keys of this major return to creativity understanding the past and the founding events is necessary.

Organizations are taking a closer look at agility these days, and we are not talking about the Lakers, Celtics or Spurs. Agile companies are at a distinct advantage in almost every industry because they can react to the only constant in business – change. The experts at Mckinsey agree, declaring in a summary to an October 2018 report that “surviving and thriving in today’s environment depends on making a fundamental transformation to become more agile.” Agile companies are the ones embracing the Darwinian principle “adapt or die.” In today’s disruptive business climate, agility is absolutely essential. 

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