Edition 35 - Why does amazing quality comes with a hefty price tag?

Besides all the research, validation, and understanding of user needs, designers are expected to comprehend the objectives of the process, collaborate with team members, and guide the product development through testing and iterations. This can be the meeting points between UX design and Product Management. When building a new product or defining which is the following step to take in an existing one we always come up with a lot of ideas, but it is important to discern which are really important to make sure our team uses all its efforts on the most valuable features at every moment of the process. 

When people spoke about personalization, all they meant was that a mail was introduced with a person’s name rather than an anonymous greeting. Today, consumers are bombarded with countless advertising and marketing messages, making it more and more difficult for brands to engage with the customer. Artificial Intelligence might be a solution to this issue. Indeed, hyper-personalization will become an important trend in the world of AI. Once again, data is central to making this happen. The more data there is available, the more relevant information and products become. This evolution means the end of the road for the marketing approach of segmentation. 

One of the most frequent comments we get in marketing is that, because of the pervasiveness of access to brands, consumers are in control and brands must adapt to that power shift. If marketers are just now shifting to the world where consumers have the power, they may be reacting to something that is already beginning to pass. We are embarking on a new era in the supply chain where the power, and thereby the opportunity, is shifting again. Consumers are less in control than they once were, and the marketers who want to influence purchases must adapt again.

Some products just seem irrationally expensive. A design for a small website can cost thousands of dollars. Smartphones become increasingly more expensive, even though there aren’t as much new, exciting features included as in the past. You can buy headphones at a price of 10$ but also spend several thousand dollars for a pair of headphones. The obvious question is: How are these prices justified? A good answer is crucial, especially for designers. There are drag-and-drop website builders out there that cost nearly nothing. Hence, why would anybody pay a designer lots of money to do something similar?

According to an infographic by Business Backer, 93 percent of employees feel that trust in their boss is essential to being satisfied at work. Employees who aren’t satisfied might be tempted to work with less excitement, to miss work or cause problems within the workplace. That’s why, if you want to keep your business running smoothly, it’s important to build trust with your employees. Good leaders use all sorts of communication tricks to learn what their employees are feeling, adapt based on those feelings and then clearly explain what to do next.

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