Edition 31 - The most common myths about Email Marketing Automation!

The owners of small businesses often have to do everything themselves, without the help of marketing departments or even specialists. When you have to worry about production, distribution, shipping, consulting, support, email marketing doesn’t quite feel like the main priority. Being caught up in daily routine, it’s easy to overlook sales, but they are exactly what bring money to business. There are many questions and even more answers, which often contradict one another. Here you will get answer to all your questions.

Design thinking has gained momentum in the business world through mentions in the Harvard Business Review and Forbes Publications. As a thing Design Thinking has been described as anything from a unified framework for innovation to the essential tool for simplifying and humanizing. Being in the news though doesn’t make design thinking anything new. Unlike the radical outcomes it promises, design thinking as an approach has been slowly evolving since the 1960’s. Over the past fifty plus years, design thinking has appropriated many of the best tools and techniques from creative fields, social and computer sciences.

Day by day we are overwhelmed with massive information flow both offline and online. Due to new technologies and fast internet connection, people can produce more content than they are physically able to consume. Dealing with numerous websites and apps, users don’t read everything they see word by word . They first scan the page to find out why and how it’s useful for them. So, scannability is one of the essential factors of website usability today. Read on to explore the phenomenon and get tips on how to make the digital product scannable.

Imagine hiring a chef to build you an oven or an electrical engineer to bake bread for you. When it comes to machine learning, that’s the kind of mistake we can see businesses making over and over. What they don’t tell you is that all those machine learning courses and textbooks are about how to build ovens from scratch, not how to cook things and innovate with recipes. Most businesses just want to get cooking  to solve their business problems. They have no interest in selling microwaves, and yet often make the mistake of trying to build those appliances from scratch. It’s hard to blame them  the current hype and education cycle dominantly focuses on research, instead of application. 

If you are an internet user you must’ve been through a survey asking you in a scale from 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend our product to a friend or colleague and sometimes requesting a reason. Or if you work for a big corporation you probably have heard or became aware that NPS is super important for the business. If you ever gave a score from 0 to 6 to a brand, product or service, they will consider you a detractor. You will be passive if you give a 7 or 8 and a promoter if you give 9 or 10. 

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