Edition 27 - Ever wondered how Design Thinking is bringing along a revolutionary change in the thought process of entire corporate world?

From creating Products to building companies, the principles of Design Thinking are what drive success for today’s best business. Design Thinking is how designers create desirable solutions to complex problems. It is often considered an exclusive tool for designers and other creatives, typically envisioned as a wall pockmarked with post-its. These are misconceptions. Design Thinking is no one methodology, nor is it limited to designers. The principles that define Design Thinking should extend across multiple disciplines within a business. 

Have you ever seen an “Add to Home Screen” banner, while browsing a website? When you click the button, the “application” installs itself in the background. When you open this application that now sits in your app drawer, you can browse the same experience you were doing on your browser, but now right in your mobile phone. What you have now is a mobile app that was downloaded from a web application. All this, without even have to see the face of an app store. 

Who doesn’t want chatbots that can converse intelligently with customers and create an environment where they feel comfortable and keep coming back to the business. Is it possible ? We have artificial intelligence (AI)-driven chatbots that are revolutionizing human-computer interactions just the way the humans want it. Chatbots today are more adaptive to the way people speak and mimic their emotions to the nearest binary. 2018 is paving the way for a great chatbot innovation.

The beauty of designing a product is that it usually never ends up as the first idea you had. Often, the process looks like a complete mess, and it passes through multiple iterations until it get to the ideal state. But along the way, we make some mistakes that we are not aware of. Read along and get to know some of the mistakes we make and the expectations we have when designing digital products. 

First-time startup founders often believe their products are so valuable that they speak for themselves. The cold hard truth is that it doesn’t matter how revolutionary your tech is if nobody knows about it. You need to start building visibility and credibility for your company as early as possible — in most cases that’s before the product is even ready. If that’s not how you’ve done things, don’t worry. It’s not too late! Read along and get to know 8 simple lessons Founders should learn before launching their Product. 

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