Edition 24 - The famous mind boggling question of "How to build that perfect problem solving product?" Well, we have the answer!

That perfect project pitch that would sound reasonable, but after a couple questions usually becomes clear that your new project was comes out more of like as, “We think this would be a great thing to build,” rather than proven user needs. Gut and vision may pave the way for many successful projects, but one of the best things a great project leader could possibly do is to identify and more importantly justify that the concept underlying your project is completely legitimate. A great product buildup should always be based out on the grounds of researching the problem statement before heading into any engineering work.

Quite often UX and design teams describe the impact of a UX refresh or redesign in terms such as — higher satisfaction levels, smoother navigation, easier access, more usable, more contemporary, and so on. Good going, but how have they materially influenced and impacted the business? Each of these terms are quite subjective and are perceived differently by business stakeholders — in the end, the one fundamental thing all stakeholders understand are numbers .

Does your company see artificial intelligence as a threat, an opportunity or a bit of both? To be honest, it’s not really a fair question, akin to asking a manufacturer at the end of the 19th century what they expect the impact of electricity will have on business. Just like any foundational technology, be it electricity, the internet or blockchain, AI can be applied in many different ways and it impacts every business differently. 

In this age of IoT, there is no better way to reach consumers than through online marketing. They tend to be more responsive when approached through referral links rather than through pop-up advertisements and banners. With blockchain technology, affiliate networks will no longer be needed. The merchant and the content publishers will be able to interact directly and track link clicks and conversions accurately in real time.

How much easier would your life be as a marketer if you had a little robo-assistant that followed you around at all hours of the day? With the help of a little robo-assistant, you would be spending less time trying to remember passwords, checking analytics, hunting down contact information and fielding one-off questions from customers. Suddenly, you would find that you had more time to focus on the things that drive the biggest results for your company. While we haven’t yet created a robot that follows marketers around, there is something pretty close — Chatbots.

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